South African Education level VS Dutch?

Hi, I would like to know what the South African equivalent for high school matric would be in the Netherlands? I know that the education system here is quite different than in SA, and of the various categories of schooling like for example MAVO, HAVO, HBO, MBO etc. But I guess my question is, I would like to apply for a part time job that requires me to have a HBO denk-niveau. I have a high school matric certificate of 1996, passed all subjects on higher grade except one, so would I be able to land this job with my SA matric certificate?

Thanks in advance for your responses! I appreciate it.

Hi Eloise,

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To answer your question, NUFFIC (who are a part of the Dutch Higher Education system) have issued a document which compares the Dutch and South African education qualifications; if you download this link, you'll get a PDF document you can read and hopefully answer your question.

The current recognition from the NUFFIC document (page 4) is:

SA National Senior Certificate = Dutch HAVO
SA National Diploma = 3 years of Dutch HBO
SA 3 year Bachelor degree = 3 years of Dutch HBO
SA 4 year Bachelor Degree = Dutch Bachelor Degree

Now, from the wording "Certificate" you've used, it seems to relate to HAVO; so the question is, do you have anything with the word "Diploma" on it, because that would give you the proof you need.

Hope this helps. :)

Hi Cynic,

thanks so so much for your response. Much appreciated!

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Hi there,

My husband and I want to move to the Netherlands in the next few years but we get different pieces of information regarding the question he has about work.

He works in insurance as a claims consultant, so this is what he will do in the Netherlands, but the level of education is different. In the Netherlands, we found that to work in insurance, you need a degree or NQF5 (a higher certificate or a degree).

My husband has NQF4 only, but eleven years of experience in different insurance faculties (he is a claims consultant now). Would he struggle to find work in the Netherlands because of his NQF4 instead of NQF5?