Insurance coverage in Belgium

Hello everyone,

Moving abroad requires adequate insurance coverage.

What type of insurance expatriates need the most in Belgium: health, house or liability insurance? All of them? Do they come as a package?

Are there other insurance options to consider like critical illness, damage or property insurance?

Is it better to purchase insurance from an expat insurance specialist or from a local insurance provider?

And what about insurance costs?

Tell us about your experience in Belgium.



All the insurances'  that you mention are very important,specially the health insurance.Me and my husband have two health insurance:the base health insurance and DKV.The second one is pretty expensive,is an hospital insurance,but necessary.
I had to do an examination in the hospital,and I was happy to have the DKV.
Hier in Belgium,as I know it doesn't exist a hole package  of insurance.
And for the car insurance,for my opinion is very  expensive to,specially if you live in Brussels,because the risks for accidents are bigger.
We moved from Machelen to Anderlecht,and we pay now 90 euros more for the car insurance.
Hope I've been helpful to anyone.

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