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My Name is Gova I am Indian Currently Work In UAE 3 ½ Years, Now I Plan to Move and marry a Brazilian Girlfriend in Tubarão - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, Nar about 8 Month Good Understand Full in Love Each other

Please Note: - She Was Already divorced her Ex Husband

So I am Plan to Fly Tourist visa to visit my girlfriend and start New Life in Brazil - Tubarão – State Kindly information and document requirements will help guide to marriage process. Please make sure to obtain the most up to date information from the Civil Registry Office since requirements, procedures, and costs are subject to change.

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Don't want to rain on your parade, but before you go making too many plans you should know that obtaining a visa that will allow you a visit long enough to get through the complicated marriage process (around 45 days) is going to be almost impossible for you.  Citizens of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on a firt time application will ever receive a visa that allows more than a 1 or 2 week visit at most. Only after a successful visit and return home would they then be considered for a longer visa.

Also the requirements for obtaining the visa are about 20 times more severe than for most other countries too. You should check the website for the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in Mumbai for the requirements and you will see for yourself. … tur%29.xml

If you can get through that mountain of red tape and jump through all the hoops, then this is the other mountain of red tape and miles of hoops to get married...

If you want my advice, and it's the same recommendation that I give to all Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi citizens who wish to marry Brazilian women.... have her come to your country and get married there. You will avoid a whole lot of headaches.

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Thank you for your Guidance

Any other ideas

Gova, James was victim of violent crime on April 7. He is gone.
Everything I have read of his posts tells me he was very knowledgeable and advise you follow his recommendation.
Good luck

what is the afterwards procedure of getting married in India if you can please share Mr. James.

Hi James,

You seem to understand the process of obtaining a permanent visa better than anyone else I have come across, including my partner who can't understand some of the requirements needed to apply! And we thought applying for the Australian permanent visa was complicated (it was.. but it also cost AUD$10,000!) I'm wondering if you'd be able to give me some advice.

We have been together for over three years, have a Civil Union (defacto) Relationship certificate since Feb 2015 (as same-sex marriage is not yet legal in Australia). My partner is currently on a temporary Australian visa, which is the second of the three stages of gaining Australian residency.

We have been in Brazil since July this year and are staying until May next year. I am currently on a tourist visa. We want to spend half our time in Australia and half our time in Brazil.

We are currently living in Goiânia, I have not had the best experiences with the Federal Police here in Goiânia, which leads me to my next question.. Do you think we would have more success applying for the permanent visa at the Police Federal in São Paulo, rather than here in Goiânia, as SP might be more progressive and accepting of the same sex factor?

I have a National Australian Police Certificate, valid since 13 April 2017
The original and certified copy of our relationship certificate
The completed term de responsabilidade e manutenção form
A carta de intenção written by my partner
Two statutory declarations (written by each of us, in English...) which we had stamped by a notary public in Australia. As we were going to apply from Australia earlier this year, but then changed our plans, and since then have changed our plans again.
Evidence of our joint Australian bank account.
Copies of all the stat decs written by friends and family in support of the Australian permanent visa application.

I think that's all.
Any help/advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

You will find the requirements here. … ao-estavel


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