Permanent residensy in venezuela

hi, i am from india, and want to move to venezuela as permanent resident. can anyone guide me in this regard, about the documents, visa, cost, settlement in venezuela???

Well it depends on what you are planning to do here. Work, retire, or perhaps to marry. Venezuela is relatively open but there is very little opportunity to work for someone unless they have a profession and most people from sub-asia and asia bring their small business skills and run a shop.

Travelling here is easy because most countries are afforded a 3 month visa which you get on entry however you need to check if this applies to indian nationality. A travel agent would know. 

To answer your question specifically most foreigners apply for a 5 year renewable residence visa from a government department called SAIME. There is not a perminent residency but when you have been here for 10 years (with two 5yr visas) you can apply for a Venezuelan passport. However if you do this you will be considered by the government as a national and you and your assets will be subject to the laws of this country.

I have worked outside the US for the better part of 20 years. I do not need to work in Venezuela but am interested in residing here. I am visiting Caracas and Maracaibo currently and just wanted to know what the requirements were for a longer term (5 year) visa mentioned above. Thanks for any guidance.


hi , i am from australia and wish to relocate to venezuela ...could someone please tell me about my assets and how they would be subject to the laws of your country?

Hello People,

The best way to obtain information based on your nationality is to go straight to a Venezuelan Embassy or Consulate. I may help you only at your arrival to Venezuela. Caracas is a small city with lots of traffic. Not many people speak English, so you'll need to have at least a basic Spanish.

I'd be glad to help you if you need further assistance. I'm also looking for expats in Venezuela, so we can exchange experiences.

hi as per my experience in Venezuela entry is not easy if you come by índia . yes has many ways to settle in Venezuela or you can make any South american country card and can visit easy other good country without passport . well depend on lawyer about cost avg cost is 7000-8000$.