Going to Venezuela : Good or bad idea ?

Hi I'm Kevin new to this forum.  Thank you for accepting me I'm a US citizen thinking about going to Venezuela state department says no I've traveled throughout Mexico all of Central America as well as South America except for Venezuela good idea or bad idea?, I do have a host family if needed..

Hello and welcome on board, Kevin !

Please note that I have created this new thread from your post on the Venezuela forum so that members can share their insights with you.

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Hello and Thank you..

Geopolitics (Grabbing oil cash) is very much at play between your country and your possible destination.

One for careful consideration.

There are some youtube videos, need a visa if your are a US citizen.

@Kevinrellsworth maybe safer than some parts of Colombia   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PXbplqnQ2U