Moving to Venezuela shortly

Hello there
We just got an offer my husband and me, will be moving to Venezuela shortly.
I will be living in Maturin and my husband working in Anaco
We have a 8 months baby
How's Maturin looks like.. is it a bog city,is it good for families?? Is it well connected to other cities, especially to Anaco, is there a train from Anaco to Maturin ?? Is it safe place to live in?? Can ladies drive safely over there??
I have heard as well that recently there was shortage in basics suplies (sugar, milk, soap... ) what about babys goods can I find easily !!!?

Can you give me some details... Thanks

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Hi, am living in Venezuela, though not in Maturin, nor Anaco. Well, just as you heard, there are crisis over supplies. The situation is bad for such a rich-resourced country, but not so horrible that people can't eat. Venezuela is a secretly marvellous and beautiful country. You will enjoy your stay here. Keep in touch for more information.

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Good morning,

I had a long time since visiting this site, and saw your question about living here.

I live in Caracas, don, t know maturin  it is very hot, and I think it's a city more or less, and throughout the country there are a number of things that happen every day as in a city of a country's third World.

But here due to the problem we have with the government things happen in a way ridiculous. It is true what happens to the food,  missing some things,  also the electricity fails, you have to take into account that this is not a country seriously
but I imagine that her husband is hired by a company and things may be different for you than for the common people.

before maturin had hired so many foreigners in the oil and it was a city with a good development, but don,t know now.

You have to be very careful with  all, do not go out alone at night, watch people, remember you aren, t in your country, you are in an underdeveloped country, worse than Colombia, Peru, Chile and Ecuador. but anyway with care and great tact  can lead a normal life.
Some americans living here and  like it.
Be careful and if you need some help you can write me.

I haven't been to Maturin in a while (years) but I can tell you a few thing about it.

It is a city with a small population.  Personally I would find living three to be very boring as I like big cities/urban areas.

It is safer than cities like Maracaibo and caracas which are more heavily populated

It has a bit of a countryside feeling.  Meaning that people live in houses, and such for the   most part. It has a few malls and cinemas, and it also has one odd the largest soccer fields  in
The country, I don't know how often they use it though

It is the capital of the state of Monagas.h which means that it is the biggest city in the area, still too small for my taste.

It is very hot, so you will only use sweater in the cinema our when hanging oue specific places with air conditioner.

Electricity, gas, water and most utilitiesutilities are very cheap in Venezuela.  Your most expensve bill will be your internet, cable and phone bills.  This includes cellphones.

You will have trouble finding some basic house supplies and foods. Like everyone in Venezuela.  Mostly corn based cooking oil, margarine, sugar.  You will probably buy a carton of milk which is not what most Venezuelans buy, we buy powdered (  is not the same you are used to buy in the US).  You should be able to find replacements for the above mention Ed foods.

It is a couple of hours away from other big cities (Puerto ordaz), and I believe 4-5 hours away from the closest beach town (Puerto la Cruz). You can go to Puerto la Cruz or Barcelona for a weekend getaway.

If you like a somewhat quiet place to live, materin n will be just fine.  Of you are like me, you will get bored really fast.  Yes it is a good place to raise a kid and have a family. 

I'm writing this on my cellphone so excuse my mistakes.  If you have any more R&specific questions let me know. I have a friend that lives in matuein and I can get I'm touch with him

I don't know how far away snap is from maturin, but forget about trains, you will have to drive or payfor a taxi.  Maybe the company will have transportation arrangements for your husbandpublic transportation is not very safe for foreigners (. I think ANSI is about 1 hour drive away from maturin, just use google maps to check it out.

Driving in maturin should not be a problem during the day, traffic should be mellow, nothing too heavy even I'm the wrist case scenario. And you will have to get used to put crazy non law abiding driving, also to our streets which usually (not always)  are not in the best condition.  But again it should not be a big problem.  If you have a very light complexion like very white, lift colored eyes and blonde I suggest you should be more Cargill, but again you should be able to adapt.

At night I can't really tell you.. I guess between 6 and 9 I clock, you can hasn't out and go to the malls.  After 9:30 I would try to stay home.  But I believe maturin us safer than caracas and Maracaibo, so it.might not matter that much.  I go out at night all the tune, but I'm a man and I know my city quite well (Maracaibo and caracas)  I'm still in hi alert mode after 10 pm

Baby supplies should be easy to find, though we have occasional shortage. In general you can find almost everything but sometimes it costs 3-5 times as much because they are imported goods