Possibly moving to Venezuela

I am considering moving to Venezuela and would like to get a little more information about the political environment and my concerns regarding safety.  I am a female in my 30s. I'm fair and blue-eyed.  I've been to Venezuela before, so I know I stand out a bit.  I would not be in a city, but be moving to the country to work at a Posada.  It is an incredible opportunity to move to a country that I really love.  However; I am wondering if I am being naive and risking my safety.  Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated!

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You wont.Venezuela is such a beautiful country, sadly the political tension and the poverty situation distracts people from discovering one of the most humane people in South America! Venezuelan people is what really sells. Their friendliness and always willingness to help is captivating. The landscape is amazing, make your plans to get to know a little bit of the country (ANgel's Falls, Gran Sabana, and all the places the animated movie UP showed)Im not naive nor unrealistic. Venezuela crime rates are up but if you are in a safety environment this wont hit you. Just general rule of thumb, if it looks suspicious, it probably is. Where would you be going? If its a Posada its probably Merida or in Los Andes area. A great place to live as an expat. I was born and raised in Venezuela, was an expat in USA, then came back. Im learning to really and fully appreciate my country. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. See ya!

Boy, my heart is torn here, Part of me screams do not come, and the other part of me says, yes come, enjoy a life that is totally different with a people that for the most part are good and kind. The political unrest right now is very evident, security on the highways is much more evident, and where I live there are a lot of influential people who have been murdered recently. But that is Venezuela period. They have one if not the highest rates of violent crime going. You need to keep your head on your shoulders and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Especially if you see or hear men on motorbikes, as most violent crime is committed with this as the vehicle of choice to get away quickly. Drive up shootings happen regularly here. If you have money keep it hidden at all times and do not carry a lot with you. I was robbed within 10 minutes of arriving in Venezuela and 4 more times since. It is a common occurrence. If you like blackberry phones get used to a very cheap model as blackberrys get noticed and are a prime target for robberies. The last 4 robberies occurred in my room here in Venezuela, so be sure if you have a room that it is in a very secure building and has extremely good locks! San Cristobal used to be known as the town that was the most friendly here, but it is fast becoming a border town with a bad history, Merida is a good place, Caracas is lots of crime, Valencia is the same. There are still some small towns here that are safe. If you are close to San Cristobal when you get here I would be happy to meet you and give you some safety tips. I will be here for about 3 months longer and then I am heading to a much safer place. For now I need to finish teaching the students I have, as I do not like leaving things unfinished. Blessings in your decision.