Merida love to hear from anyone with experiences from there.

Hi, Would love to hear about Merida as I have been offered a job there.

Is it a safe city and is is safe to walk about.

I have been offered a job there so trying to find out any advice about the place.

All help greatly appreciated

Hi Pasq05!, in terms of safety Merida is not the worst one, but there is no place safe enough in Venezuela, but yes you do can walk about. A very good advice could be in case you get assaulted just give everything away, IŽm serious.

Hi Pasq

Mérida is fine, just be careful and be awared of the litter everywhere - it used to be the cleanest city in the country.

If you need any help in Mérida give me a ring at 244 37 70 or at my mobile 0424 7784350.

All the very best!


Hi Lucy,

Thank you for contacting me.

Are you venezualan?

what do you do for a living in Merida?

Do you have an email address please.

Kind regards



Venezuela is the best ...tip top