Getting married in Venezuela

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We invite all the ones who got married in Venezuela or who are about to get married in Venezuela to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in Venezuela? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of Venezuela)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

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I was married on Maracaibo October of last year. We took the simple route, using the local magistrate. The process was simple and took about a week to sort through. Paperwork should be completed, translating divorce papers from the US was the biggest expense.

Anyone needing advice or more information can ask on this forum and I would be glad to answer.

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Im Venezuelan I got married in Estado Sucre where my mum live
my husban is from England and the process was very easy and fast
we just needed a few paperwork
our wedding were amazing we got married in an small town
almos in the jungle there was the hole hamlet and didn't know anyone excpt for some of my family.
we got married there because the city where I come from all the civil registration were booked for that month, of course it was Chritmas time.
the place is a hamlet(Rio Casanay) at 2 hours and half from my original city (Maturin-Monagas)
in that area they have almos nothing Not Hotel we borrow a tend from a friend to spend our fisrt night as a husband and wife

this are the documentation

Set the date eight days before the celebration of marriage; publicizing the upcoming union of the parties, and the place of residence of each.
Original and copy of the birth certificates of the parties (updated)
Original and copy of Identity Card of the couple.
Original and copy of identity card of two witnesses.
Original and copy of Identity Card of the parents.
a notarized letter proving that you are single
Proof of residence in the state where they live.

In case some of the parties have minor children, must present the conservatorship.

If either party is divorced, record copy of the divorce decree.
In case one is widowed, submit a copy of the death certificate.

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I'm moving to Venezuela in a few months to marry my fiance. To the US citizens who have gotten married in Venezuela, I have a couple questions about the documents needed.

This is what the the local authority that will handle the civil ceremony said are the required documents for me to have. I'm trying to get them together now and send them to my fiance.

1) documento de nacimiento (birth certificate, easy)
2) una carta de solteria (what the heck is this? internet searches have turned up a huge array of different things, basically settling on a "a letter proving you're single". I know what this is and how to get it if I was living in Venezuela... but how do I get this here in the USA? )
3) passport (fedex a copy for pre-wedding records, bring the original with me)

And here's the part where my confusion really kicks in: "estos documentos debes traducirlos con un traductor certificado y aportillado por el consulado." WHO has to do the translating? a specific subset of "certified translators IN venezuela"?? What kind of "certification" stamps is the venezuelan offical looking to see???? "aportillado por el consulado" - which consulate? who? From my internet research I've learned how to do this in Venezuela, but not how to get these stamps here in the USA where I am presently.

Thanks in advance for the help!

If you are from USA things "should" be easy for you... just call the US Embassy in Caracas and I'm sure someone there will be able to help you finding the documentation.

About the "carta de solteria":  Sorry I can't really help you there, I don't know which intitution in the United States keeps track of whoever is single and who isn't. I mean someone has to know this, but I dont'know who is in the United States.

About the "traductor certificados":  There are located in the biggest of Venezuela.  Basically it is someone that is licensed and certified by the Venezuela goverment and his/her translations are considered faithful.  They are not just some random people that know how to speak english, these people are the "real deal" according to our goverment.  Anyways, you should be able to find them in the local newspaper as they usually advertize their services. 

The "Apostillado":  it is a process that basically certifies that all your documentation is "real".  For example I had to Apostille my College Degree (I studied in the United States) so my University in Venezuela would know for sure it was a real document and not a fake.  Visit or give a phone call to a public notary in your town and he/she should be able to assist you with this matter, even if he doesn't do it, he should be able to forward you someone or an institution who does it (even if it is in another city).  If I remember correctly you have to notorized all the documentation in your home country and afterwards you have to send it to the consul/embassy of Venezuela.  I really don't remember all the details.

suppose if a person marry with Venezuelan lady then how much time it takes to get Venezuelan passport after wedding?

what other documents do you need to get married in venezuela i plan to have all my docs translated before i go and how much was the marriage

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Hey. What is the “carta de soltero?” And in my country they said they never heard of it.

Hello, can tourist get married in Venezuela ?

Me (Palestinian living in Saudi Arabia) and my girlfriend (Spanish living in Spain) are looking for a country to get married in since Spain rejected my visa application and Saudi Arabia doesn't offer tourist visas at all. So the only solution is to get married in a 3rd country. we were in a relationship for over 4 years since we were studying at the same university in Turkey. We got separated after my graduation due to expiry of my student visa in turkey.

Few countries offer free visa for Palestinians, and since we prefer civil marriage rather than Islamic marriage we chose Venezuela over Malaysia or Indonesia.

Hi, i am an indian but an Australian permanent resident. I am looking forward to marry my girlfriend who is venezuelan. I need to translate my documents to spanish. I was wondering if Venezuel codigo civil has to attest the translated documents. I am confused as to how translation procedure works

Can somenone please advice me on what are the steps/requirements in marrying a Venezuelan woman with a child? I have all the information on how to marry a Venezuelan woman, but with a child, I am unsure. I read somewhere about a terminology calld "Conservatorship". is that a document required to marry a woman with a child in Venezuela? If so, what are the procedures to attain it. Kindly help
P.S: I am an Indian living in Australia

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As an American what do I need to get married in Venezuela

I'm from st.maarten want to go to venezuela caracas to marry  my fiance what are the requirements


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Till members shed the light on your query, feel free to read the following article : … -venezuela

I would also suggest that you contact the Netherlands Embassy in Caracas to enquire : … sy-caracas

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