Driving license in Venezuela

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Can a foreigner take the driving test in Venezuela?

What are the formalities to get a driver's licence in Venezuela?

Do you need special or extra documents being an expatriate?

How much does it cost?

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Formalities?  most likely the question is, how much you have to pay to get one?

There are legal means to obtain a drivers license in venezuela, but it is a lot easier (and extremely common) to use bribes to obtain it.

Things I do know:
- If you are coming as a tourist (short trip) you can use your home country's license.
- If you are coming as a resident, you might want to check out how we drive before you decide to get a license.  I have some friends from Argentina and other countries that would not dare to touch a car here (they say we are crazy).
- If you are a resident I'm sure you can muster all the documentation to get a driver's license, doing it the legal way will take a few months.  It is supposed to be somewhat easy, but sometimes they make it hard (so they can ask for a bribe)

The "INTT" is the institution in charge of issueing driver's licenses.

here's the link: http://www.intt.gob.ve/intt/?p=23

On top of the license you also need a Medical Exam Certificate.  They perform basic eye test to check for shortsight and daltonism, it is a 5-10 min test (and very cheap), you just have to find where they are performing it.  Sometimes, you find a table with a poster in a Mall saying they are performing the test and you can take it right there and then.

What are your plans? why do you need a license here?

Another useful link:

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