“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart” – Nelson Mandela

The “Malay language” or “Bahasa Malaysia” is the official language used in Malaysia. Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, with rich heritage and diversity but what brought us together as one is our national language which transcends all races and religion in our country.

I’m a working professional, with deep passion on local languages and cultures. It would be my absolute pleasure to teach and share with you “global citizens” the beauty of my native language with those whom genuinely willing to learn the language for basic communication and writing purposes.

What are the advantages?

1.    I’m a private tutor, you can opt for private lessons or in small groups. You can learn at your own pace so that you can be comfortable in a no pressure environment.
2.    Convenience at your doorstep - I’m able to teach at your home or any place which is to your convenience as long as it is within/near the city.
3.    I’m a native speaker, so I’m not only able to teach formal language but also day-to-day or street language that is hard to learn the correct pronunciation from books.
4.    Enjoy total flexibility in scheduling as the modules are specially designed for working professionals or individuals who wish to learn at their own pace and time.
5.    As a local, I’m also able to give you tips and guide on living in the city and teach you about our local culture and heritage.
6.    Enjoy an unconventional learning experience. My teaching method is unorthodox, so it won’t be dry and boring like in the formal classes. I’ll take you out in real life situations and interact with locals so you can’s a lot more fun!

Just drop me an email for further details on attractive learning modules and affordable fees.

The limits of your language, are the limits of your world! :)

Perhaps you'd like to advertise in the business directory and/or classifieds sections … la-lumpur/ … la-lumpur/

Your post will last a lot longer there, and you're likely to get more views.

Thanks for your wise advice fred! I will certainly do that :)

Pity most malaysians in kl can hardly speak a word of malay or  they dont want to!  You have to head for a kampung to try it out.

May I know the cost of living and learn Bahasa language in Kampang?

For anyone who wants to learn Malay, or any language, there is a lot of free material on-line . Perhaps try to memorize as much as you can first from free material and then advance your skills with a tutor or in a group.

You can type in your browser "learning malay language".
Also, there are youtube videos on Malay too.

Listening a radio or news in Malay language is a very good practice along with memorization of the words.

There was an article about a nurse hired from India to work in a KL hospital and she learned fluent BM in only three months. This was accomplished by her colleagues immersing her in the language by forcing her to use BM words at all working times. By 5-6 people pushing her 8-10 hours a day, thats how she did it.

Admittedly, she is young and that helps. The older you are, the harder it is. But if there was a way to duplicate that method, total immersion and pushing, many people could learn it fast. The famous language school, Berlitz, created that very method but it was extremely expensive, I think it was RM24,000 for three months or six months, but many governments gladly paid so that their diplomats and agents could quickly become useful.

A common person needs a similar but less expensive way. I too would be very interested to know. As it is, I use the free Duolingo app for Spanish and it attempts to be immersive but it completely depends on your own willpower and lack of laziness and Im plenty lazy so I dont learn so fast!

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