How to find a part time Indian cook ?

We have recently shifted to KL and are on the lookout for a part time Indian cook who can come home once or twice a week.

While finding cleaners has been easy , I am not able to find details for cooks in KL. any idea how to look for one ?

I read that you are easy in finding cleaners.

Can you please help with finding part time house cleaning maids please.

Hi there, I'm vanee, hindu (tamil), Malaysian. I'm a housewife, mother of 3. Will be perusing my LLB in January.. I'm not a perfect cook and I'm vegan if you don't mind. but I can cook non vege.. My family is non vege.. I can learn as well according to your style of cooking..

Hey Guys

I know this is an old post.
I am looking for an indian maid, who will come twice a day to cleaning(once per day), Wash utensils(twice a day) and cooking(Twice a day).
I live in Bangsar area and i am OK to even pay for her travelling expenses excluding her salary.

It's urgent , any reply will be appreciated.


Hello Vicky,

The easiest way to find a maid on this platform is by adding an advert in the dedicated section : Jobs in Kuala Lumpur

We might feature your ad in our weekly newsletter...

Thanks in advance,

If you are living in a condo then just place an ad on the noticeboard or ask in the management office as I am sure someone would know someone looking for a job. If not then why not ask around. Bangsar has so many indians working there including in the Lucky Garden area. The information desk at Bangsar Village I also has Indian staff who are friendly. I used to get my haircut at the back of Lucky Garden in Bangsar and still do when I am in KL, and possibly some of those many barbers might know someone.

Or do as Bhavna suggests and place an ad in the jobs section at the top of the page.

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