MM2h Recommend agent

Hello all,

I am thinking about applying for MM2H via an agent. After reading and doing some research online, it seems like some agents are very dishonest and will scam you for more money and withhold your approval letter.

My question is, anyone here have any recommendation on honest and reputable approved agent? Please share some contact or their company website.

Greatly appreciated!

Technically, I am still in the process of applying but I am using Alter Domus in Penang.  Supposedly,that is the first outfit to get a license to do MM2H (license #1).  My understanding is that one of the founder's parents or relatives was a former immigration officer so you never know how that might help.  They were perfectly honest with me and if my record were not sparkling clean I believe they would have recommended that we not apply.  The fee was average I believe (about +$2K US) but you figure if we had to go all the way there to Malaysia for anything before the final steps (sure, not likely) or if there were any delays that costs time/money too.  Pay half upfront and the rest is due at end of process.  They can also advise me on anything in the future so I figured it was good money spent to start a professional relationship with such a firm.

Good luck!!!!

Thank you for the input! Will it be more convenience to find an agent in KL since that is where i will be moving to??

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