Indoor and outdoor activities in Kuala Lumpur

Sports activities in Kuala Lumpur
Updated 2019-04-24 13:03

As with any city, Kuala Lumpur can feel like a concrete jungle. Yet, there are pockets of green space that breathe life into the city and allow for indoor and outdoor activities on the regular. If you live in KL, chances are you will want to know how to make the best of city life while still enjoying the perks of Malaysia's tropical landscape.

Outdoor activities in Kuala Lumpur

One of the best ways to keep fit is jogging and Kuala Lumpur has a multitude of parks that cater to casual runners and professional athletes alike. Perdana Botanical Park- formerly known as Lake Gardens- is one of the best running spots along with KLCC park. Both are equipped with jogging tracks and are well-frequented by jogging groups. In addition, Bukit Kiara Park will give you the opportunity to run in one of the most natural landscapes of the city and is also popular with hikers and mountain bikers. This park moreover has an outdoor gym to accommodate all your workout needs.

Parkour is a popular activity in Malaysia and you can often join small groups training in public parks around the city. Rock climbing at Batu Caves is a great place to get a thrilling workout. More experienced climbers can attempt the 150m climb but there are plenty of other climbing routes accessible.

Every year, KL hosts a series of marathons such as The Colour Run as well as extreme obstacle course races for those seeking to add an extra punch to their workout routine. Keep your eyes peeled for the next big sports challenge online or on the notice board of your local coffee shop.

Indoor activities in Kuala Lumpur

If you prefer indoor activities, the city is also home to exciting indoor sports. Bubble Sports is an innovative concept that allows you to play rugby or football while confined within a gigantic plastic bubble and Jumpstreet Asia, an indoor trampoline park caters to both adults and children and makes for a full workout. Indoor climbing and bouldering are another exciting way to keep fit and challenge yourself indoors. Camp5 in TTDI offers courses to learn the basics with sessions catering for all age groups and confidence levels.

Other activities

While Kuala Lumpur has numerous gyms and parks, the opportunities to get out of the city and go on an adventure are rightfully tempting. Genting Highlands is a popular option and a short journey away - about an hour from KL Sentral bus terminal. It is most popular for its casino but recent renovations have added an indoor theme park that is worth a visit. Skytrex Adventure in Shah Alam provides an outdoor obstacle course that is much appreciated by locals and foreigners alike.

Malaysia is a popular diving destination and while KL is perhaps not the best place to do so, heading out to the coast will give you the opportunity to make the best of the famous and lesser-known diving spots. Keep in mind that islands tend to function seasonally and prior booking may be required to secure a diving schedule.

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