Looking for football mates to play. I'm new in Kuala Lumpur

Hey everyone,

I've just arrived in Kuala Lumpur and I'm looking for some group of people playing football regularly or not.
If you need someone to complete your team let me know (5, 7 or 11 a side) :)

See you !

Twelve teams playing amateur football  - KL Expats & Veterans League https://www.facebook.com/groups/6683464778/about/

You may want to enquire about the other teams in the league for younger players. Here are the fixtures http://kl-evl.com/2017-2018-fixtures-results/

Hello, I would like to play football also.
7 or 11 aside i prefer, but if no choice also 5aside is ok.
Please contact me :D
Thanks a lot.

Hi everyone, i am also new here in KL, is there any place and people to play football? Appreciate your support, thanks.

Yoo, count me in  :cheers:

I’ve heard that there is a SportsCity futsal court, suggest to visit this place today, what do you think?

I'm similar to you guys above - recently moved to KL and looking to get involved and play some football. Anyone had any success finding a team or something to join? Would love to find out!

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