Using recruitment agencies to get a job from abroad?

Has anyone had success getting a job in Malta from abroad using a recruitment agency and care to share their experience?

My husband just started looking for jobs in Malta from Ireland at the end of last week. He got two phone calls from recruitment agencies today(Reed and Quad consultancy). They both seemed really positive and are putting him forward for a few jobs. He is in the IT sector if that makes any difference.

I'm just wondering if anyone would care to share how this went for them? Did they land you interviews? Did you get a job in the end? How long did the whole process take?

Oh and he got a reply from a company that he applied to directly asking for his skype name so they could arrange an interview, he replied then they seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. Is this par for the course?

We both really want to move asap but don't want to do it without a job to go to.


I joined an agency Konnekt, they asked for my Skype info, then just rang me on my mobile for a telephone interview. It all ended on a positive note. Then I heard nothing, that was 12 months ago. I was asked if I would do part time or short term contracts, I said no because I am supporting myself, and need the security of full time permanent post.

You never know though, just because it's not worked for me so far, does not mean it won't work for you.

I personally think it would be better to save enough money to support yourself for an amount of time, then apply once your there. You have a better chance if you are there, and available.

Good luck!

Thanks Ruby, that's exactly what I was afraid was going on. Why they would bother wasting your time and theirs is beyond me.
We have children so we really don't want to make the leap without at least one of us securing work.

You are most welcome.  I hope something comes of the agencies 😀.

My partner and I tried for 2 years, also from Ireland. We both work in finance and are native German but still no luck! At least for a job with decent pay. It seemed that most companies were afraid to take someone from abroad, maybe because of past experience where candidates pulled out at the last minute.

All the recruiters you speak to are really nice, we dealt with Betting Connections and Pentasia. But like I said, no luck with a job, only entry-level ones between 16-19k in a call centre environment.

In the end I found a job through networking on Linkedin and finding out who is opening an office in Malta. I then contacted those companies and my partner managed to secure a more senior role with decent pay. I finally found a job myself just today actually :D and it was definitely easier already being on the island.

If you're in IT be careful with Tek Experts. We applied there directly, everyone seemed really nice but the contract you have to sign is highly dubious perhaps even bordering illegal in my opinion.

Good luck in your search!

Btw, this is a post I compiled last year with lots of employers in Malta and a direct link to their careers page. Most of them have IT jobs on there so might be worth having a look (minus the Tek Experts ;)) … 08#3012575

Oh no, that's really not what I wanted to hear. 2 years is a long time  :(  I was hoping someone would reply with 'I got a job in 2 months' not 2 years! Thanks for those links and the heads up about Tek Experts, I'll check them all out. Did you get many interviews in those 2 years, just out of curiosity?

Congrats on the new job!

Sorry, I didn't mean to discourage you! It's definitely possible but even the recruiters I spoke to said that their clients prefer candidates already on the island. The kind of jobs that "accept" people from abroad are usually entry-level and not well paid but offer a relocation package.

Apart from Tek Experts I got one Skype interview with Unibet - for a totally different role that I applied for (Customer Service Team Leader instead of Fraud Manager), so I declined. The recruiter was great and sent our CV to like 10 different companies - with no result.

It might be different in IT so give it another month or two, especially for more senior roles. To give you an indication about times: I applied for my job back in October (!) and went through 2 face-to-face interviews + 5 very difficult online tests. The company is great though so it was all worth it :)

It's definitely not as easy and quick as Ireland. In Dublin I could upload my CV on Monster in the morning and have 2 job offers in the afternoon ;)

Wow that's quite a long rigorous process you went through to get that job!
Yeah we are definitely going to stick with it and see what happens.
The recruiters made it seem so easy, too easy maybe hence my suspicion so I wanted to see what others experiences were like. Not so easy it would seem in reality.

Do theybpay for your flight ad accomodation?

I should think this depends on the job and your qualifications, but usually not or not upfront. I know of 2 of my friends who got a 'relocation package' which means about 1000 euros for flight and first week's accommodation, but they got this not before the move but once they had already worked for 2 months.

Hi. I've just landed a job in Malta, and not an entry-level. It was pretty quick in my opinion (a month or so). What I've seen in general is companies have a straightforward hiring process, usually 2-3 weeks. I work in IT, so a couple interviews and technical tests.

In my experience, recruitment agencies in Malta seem to be very professional and it is much better to seek for jobs thru them comparing to applying directly to a company, because they know companies' profiles and will try to get you a position where you fit best. I've talked to recruiters in Konnekt, Quad Consultancy, Vacancy Center and others. The one who brought me the offer I ended up accepting was Archer. They all do a tremendous job exposing you to job opportunities given that you have the right profile.

I think one thing that helped me getting a job faster is that we (my wife and I) had decided to relocate to Malta prior than doing interviews and getting the job. So there was no doubt we were going to Malta. I agree that companies get a bit apprehensive at hiring candidates from abroad and they giving up on the last minute. So I believe if you are decided and serious about your intent to relocate there and can show it in the interview, your success chance will go up.

Wish you good luck and hope we can meet in Malta soon!

As long as your profile is interesting for an recruiting agency or company, they can be very flexible and helpful to bring you to Malta and support you once you're here  :cool:

When they follow their "standard procedures" this means they are (currently) not looking for the qualifications you can offer ... but that's everywhere the same ...

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