Job Opportunities in Cyprus for Expats living abroad.

If anyone interested to live and work in Cyprus, inbox me your query.


Hi Truunorth
If you have a job opportunity  for someone,  I would advise you to post it in JOBS section so that more people can benefit from it.

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Hello, I am considering moving to Cyprus and working there. I am a social media and web designer. Any advise?

Hello, is there any cyprus farm job opportunity for me. I'm kwabena, living in ghana.

Hello there. my name is RAFIK AJMERI. I'm an INDIAN..I Currently working in OMAN,MUSCAT.  I would like to work in cyprus as hous keeper. Please help me for searching the job Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you

Hi guys,

For all of you who are looking for job opportunities, please look up the JOBS section.

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Dear Sir / Madam.

Hello. My name is Dilan Lanka Ipalawatta and I am after employment in the Cyprus.
I have a certificate for working in Hospitality industry in Galle, Sri Lanka. Mainly looking after British and the European nationals also I am involved in booking accommodation and organizing transportation for various clients.
My CV can be sent on request.
Thanking You in anticipation.
Mr. Dilan Lanka Ipalawatta.


I'm thinking of moving to Cyprus, I'm polish native speaking fluent english, german. E

I would like to work in Cyprus, please can you help me

try the jobs section

Hello everyone,

@  Balasundaram, could you please drop an advert in the Jobs in Cyprus section of the website ?

You will also find the contacts of professionals in the business directory under the Jobs in Cyprus section, i suggest you contact them to inquire.

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Make sure before you arrive you have a permit to work.  You may be stopped at immigration and you better have the correct documents in place or you may just be granted a vacation permit.

If you are non-EU or TCN  then you must have a work permit, these are not easy to obtain... many countries including Cyprus MUST offer jobs to local nationals first, then EU nationals then and only then to everyone else  - many also demand that employers apply for the employees work permits too and unless that happens its almost impossible.....

the only other exception is for those who have a much needed or sought after skill ......

Can you read and write Greek Fluently?

That kind of job mainly taken up by Thais and Filipinas