Court order to get detailed medical records

Our mother-in-law expired on Saturday early hours at Pafos general hospital. She was in the hospital for almost four months. Unfortunately, we did not take a power of attorney from her while admitting to the hospital as we thought it would be a short stay. Unfortunately, she became incapacitated on the third day. 

We tried to approach the medical records department later and asked them for detailed medical records. Unfortunately, they informed us that we could only get the basic medical records after her death due to EU medical record privacy laws. Therefore, we must get a court order if we need detailed medical records for medical insurance.

Does anybody have experience in getting this court order?


Power of Attorney would not have helped as it is cancelled upon the death of the person.  The executor holds the power after death.

@desterson thank you ! We thought that we could get medical records while she was incapacitated for a long time.

Not sure about Cyprus law, but since it is based on British law, the executor may well have the authority to request medical records.  Is there a Cyprus will? (There needs to be a will for each jurisdiction with assets.) If there is no will, it is a tortuous route through the Cyprus legal system anyway.

Patient confidentiality is important even after death....  There must be a process to follow...

@desterson unfortunately there is no will also as she had minimal assets . I understand the importance of wills now. I am trying to find the legal route now.

@Toon thanks Toon I am contacting couple attorneys and trying to find out .

@dvb123 wills are extremely important not so much if you don't have immovable property... But essential.if you do . 

Its advisable to have a will in each country that you may have assets in .... And keep them up to date.. similarly with any private work pensions you may have its advisable to make assignments to surviving spouse or family