Where do I find wheat flour?

Hello all,

Does anyone, especially my Indian fellas here know where to get wheat flour in Brussels? The very good quality kind?

I want to make all the rotis and paranthas in the world for myself and my husband because I just can't live without Indian homemade food. BUT I am unable to find good wheat flour (atta) for this. I keep finding some trashy 'Ambala Atta' and other wierd atta brands which taste nothing like pure wheat flour and have other crops mixed in them.

So let me know guys, my dutchie sister in law is coming over and I wanna stump her with some of my fab Indian cooking :D :D

Sorry that I cant help you but I wish I was your Dutchie sil  :D

A plenty of Indian shops in & around Brussels. Which area are you specifically interested in ? Here are some of the shops I visit for my Indian grocery shopping.

These shops sell all the brands (Ashirvad, Pillsburry, Shaktibhog, etc, etc) that are famous in India and also some brands sourced from the UK.

-> City Express, Boulevard Léopold III 17, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium (very close to Meiser circle)
-> Garam Masala Food Store, 225 Chaussee de wavre, 1050 Elsene
-> Suryansh, Avenue Georges Henri 382, Bruxelles, 1200 Woluwe St. Lambert

They also sell Indian veggies, curry powders, spices, sweets and masalas.

Disclaimer: If you already visited one of these shops and didn't find good atta, I am sorry :)

Hope this helps.


[at] Primadonna, my lady when you come to Brussels you can drop a pm to me - perhaps I can cook for you too :D :D

Sorry, I call everyone 'my lady' and 'my lord' these days because I am such a game of Thrones fan :D

[at] Aneesh, how did I miss all these shops, yikes! The most elaborate spice store I could find was called the Khan market, it didn't have what I wanted and the smaller stores neither. I could find everything I needed except some good atta. And yeah, Shaktibhog, Aashirwad and Pillsbury are my favourite.

I hope I'll find these brands at the stores you suggested (fingers crossed). If I do, I swear Imma stuff my face with aloo parathas till I can't breathe :P

If there are extra paranthas, I can give you a helpline number to clear them out :) hehe

Yeay, thanks Aneesh, Garam Masala had Shaktibhog!! I am in debt! :D :D

nailpainter :

[at] Primadonna, my lady when you come to Brussels you can drop a pm to me - perhaps I can cook for you too :D :D

That's a deal!!!!  :top:  :thanks:
When I visit my home country again I would surely let you know. The last time I flew on Brussels instead on Amsterdam and it worked really well

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