My eperience and life span in venezuela.

I arrived here in Venezuela in 1965, fromTrinidad. I started in the Aeronautical sector in PAA, as a counter Clerk, up until 1966, when I joined Avensa International staff, as a counter Clerk in Maiquetía International Airport, checking passengers from different Airlines such as: KLM,ALM, VIASA,ALITALIA,PAISA, and Air Portugal. Then Viasa went independent, and absorbed all the Ground handling staff in Maiquetía, so I started off as a Viasa employee, til my resignation in 1979, and went over to Avensa as Assistant Airport Manager in Maiquetía. After one and a half years, I had the oppprtunity to be engaged with the Boulton group, in Maracaibo, as their Regional Manager. I remained with the group until 1990, then went over to Zuliana de Aviación til 1993. I then updated my English Language, Cambridge credentials, and then went over to the Education Sector, as an English Professor, rendering my services as tutor for Colegio Bella Vista, Full time English Professor for ten years in Liceo Los Robles, and also as Director for Wall Street Institue, an English Language Academy. In 1969 I got married to a lovely local girl, who worked with me, both in Avesna and Viasa, named Marcia, who gave me 4 lovely girl children. They are all professionals and currently are working: two medical doctors, one lawyer and a Marketing strategy specialist. I'm currently engaged as GM for Aruba Airlines in Marcaibo.

Interesting. They pay you in dollars for your English classes?

It all depends on your negotiation wits. In my case when I gave tutorials, I received USD.

Good luck.