What do you know about Maracay?

Sorry for my bad English - it is not my native language.
I am going to go to Maracay and stand there for one year because of my husband's job there and I really have a lot of questions.
1. What about safety in Maracay? What areas are safe?
2. How can I rent a flat in this city? How much it might cost? We are looking for little studio as cheap as it possible.
3. As many expatriate employees we'll recieve our money on our visa card. As I know there are two rates for foreign money at Venesuela - legal and real. How can I cash money from currency card with real rate?
4. What do you know about Maracay? May be some recommendations?
Thank you very much.

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I believe is late for help more than 7 months have past ...
but if not I will be happy to help.

you can do a lot thing in Maracay, is a city in the North Central territory of Venezuela, that City have a nice ZOO and beautiful downtown and is very close of the wonderful beach called Cuyagua, definitly you will love that place, the people there is very nice, friendly and the food is Yummy :XD

I you have any other question please let me know, i'm from Valencia.. so if you need something just tell me ok.

Do svidaniya!

I know everything about Maracay, i born here and i live here.. it's a good place, with amazing beaches and very kind and friendly people... If you need something just tell me.. See ya :* :D