Is there someone local (in russia) who speaks only english russian?

Id like to hear from venezuelans who speak english russian and are already living studying russian in russia..there is someone local (in russia) who speaks only english russian and could help them improve this language


I am afraid you are one of the very many who fell into the trap of local opposition propaganda.

You find Venezolanos who speak english very well. They are almost all in their 60s and went to university in the USA in the early 1970s, when the world had the oil crisis and Venezuela had an oil boom and it was cheaper to send your son to the USA to study than to a good university here.

Of cause there are some venezuelans now who in the context of the growing tecnical cooperation go to China or Russia or other countries to learn about their future work, and they also learn some of the language.
Mind: it is not the same as the political indoctrination german pilots suffered whe in pilot training in the USAin the 60-80s!

Very good for learning spanish is the android App Babbel. It is from Berlin, Germany, costs a modest amount but it works. Within less than a year I learned to comunicate +- well in brazilian portuguese. *****