Volunteering in Venezuela


While living abroad, some expats wish to get involved in the local community life.

What organizations expats can turn to if they want to volunteer in Venezuela?

How to join a charitable institution, what are the steps?

Which causes have the greatest need for volunteers in Venezuela?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience and advice,


While I was living there I got in contact with the local american school and they were happy to have another English speaker helping out with classes or in the library. I don't have any teaching experience so I just helped out when they needed an extra adult or doing odd jobs here and there.

Many of the students there were locals and their parents were very active with the school so it put me in contact with several people in the local community.

As for official organization for volunteering I'm sure you can find some by asking a local church or maybe looking for groups that are based outside of Venezuela but have ongoing projects within the country.

Good luck on your search and let us know if you found anything.