Moving to Belgium. To Do or Not to Do?


I am married to a Belgian and he keeps wanting to go back to Belgium, but i am hesitant. I would really appreciate your help.

I have been working in the Gulf for the past 10 years. I save monthly about EURO 1800 (Net).

We have one child. My question is, if we were to move, would i make a good earning? I do not know the language but only English and Arabic.

I want to know about work, salaries, schools, healthcare etc...

Can i buy a house? should i rent? cost of living, Taxes that will be deducted? Do i need a car?

I am thinking of opening a grocery shop. Will it cost much?

I really don't want an answer from my husband, as he is eager to leave, that he makes it heaven on earth and he really doesn't care about financials as i do. I am a planner while he is a leaper LOL.

I need feedback from people living in Belgium to tell me the facts straight up.

Your help is really appreciated.


Welcome on board  :cheers:

It all depends where you want to live, what your profession is and your lifestyle in the Gulf.
What kind of grocery shop you want to open? An Arabic one? If so, then you have to investigate if there is a need for this.

For sure you experience the huge difference between these two/three countries, not only the weather but also the social life is totally different.

Thanks for your reply. I work in the admin field Mainly office management and minor HR , have around 15 years experience. We will be moving to brussels. And no not an arabic grocery shop, but a general grocery shop.

What do you mean by social life will be different? I am a very social person, and have lots of friends and do lots of outings! OH MY!!

As for the weather, i know from extreme heat to extreme cold, i am in for the shock :)

What has your husband shared with you about his country?  If I know this information I can give you my opinion straight up.

I think you will have no problems at all in regards to your social life in Brussels as there are plenty of people to meet and plenty of things to do.  That will be the least of your worries.

Yeah, the weather here (or in many surrounding countries) is just too cold for me :D I am from India. I look like an idiot and a total foreigner clad in my trench coat while the natives are frolicking around in t-shirts and knickers :D :D hahaha :D

In winters, I sleep with two hot water bottles like some old lady named Gertrude or Hilda :D

LOL! Im in the Gulf and i am cold at 45 degrees weather HAHAH!

I guess ill be staying at home with the heaters on high :P

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