Travel bus from Jakarta to Bandung

Hi, I would like to go to bandung during the weekends from Jakarta. I was wondering is there any travel bus that can pick up near Kelapa gading Mall of Indonesia(MOI) and straight to the hotel in Bandung? If not where is the nearest pick up point and where can I buy the tickets and how much will it be for 2 way trip? I try to find it online but all the pick up point is at airport. Thank you

There are loads of shuttle buses to Bandung that stop at many places

xtrans and citi trans both go from Kelapa Gading

Try their websites and search Agoda for hotel prices.

I once did go with the train much better then the busses, its a beatifull trip.

It is a beautiful trip but better take something faster back to Jakarta. I will be on the train to Bandung later in the year.