Transportation buddy


I'm a young student and I often need to commute between Cilandak area and Bintaro, in the morning and at night.
Transportation costs can be quite high and I would prefer to use a car/taxi/motorbike (ojek), instead of bus or angkot...
So basically, if there are other people who regularly commute between Cilandak and Bintaro, both ways, I would be glad to meet them, chat a little and find out if they'd like to share the ride fee with me.
Please contact me if you want to share with me.


Take extreme care.
Some people are not as nice as they seem.

Yeah.... Thank you for the warning.

Still... at this point I need someone like me who needs to share the transportation costs... I've been on buses and angkots, and I've wandered around Jakarta alone without speaking anywhere near fluently... I guess screening through potential transport buddies online could be safe enough, if I take care to pay attention to the signs. :)

Let me know if you have any info...! This thing is getting to me.

There's a massive difference between a city street and sharing a car.
Perhaps someone who uses a motorbike to travel between the two. … rder-rape/

You could also consider buying a second hand motorbike.
You'll need a local SIM C (about Rp400,000/year).
You should get a reasonable bike in a private sale for 5 million.

I do get what you mean about the difference between a car and a motorbike... I assumed a car would be safer since I know motorbike accidents can happen quite easily...

You know the weirdest part of that story (  rder-rape/)...? It happened the day before Independence day. How ironic.
Now I'm all curious about rape statistics here... I wonder how it compares to other places I've lived...

I don't know how to ride a motorbike...! That's something I'm especially nervous to try on a crowded Jakarta street... I kind of trust someone else more, if they're a good driver... but preferably I'd go with a car...

Keep me posted if you hear of anything...! Thanks for being the only replier (!!! Sigh...)

i know that carpooling/sharing isn't a common thing in Indonesia, but there's a website called that allows people to find whether driver or hitchhiker. the idea is more like a car-sharing. as my area of departure is easy to access by bus and angkot so..i have to be honest that i have never hitchhiked with anyone (registered user) from perhaps anyone here ever heard or tried carpooling/sharing in/around Jakarta?

Running a car is far from cheap. It'll work out far cheaper to use the microbus.

I've just looked up Cilandak, if you're doing this every day, move house.
Cheaper and easier.

agnes, you can check at , you can actually search someone that commute from ur area to cilandak.

it is easier to search there as the website has been designed for that.




Thanks for the suggestion...!  I haven't got anything definitive going yet, but it was great checking out nebeng... I am so curious to see if there's anything substantial I can find there...! First I gotta get a friend to help me use it, since my Indonesian is not really good enough to get through the basic form details...! (Fingers crossed...)

@mas fred

("I've just looked up Cilandak, if you're doing this every day, move house.
Cheaper and easier.")

I do see your point...! So many factors to consider...!