Does anyone know of comprehensive car insurance in Bali ??


Looking for car insurance that covers everything if we were to be involved in a accident. I contacted a few and they said they would cover us and our car but not the other people or their vehicle if we were In a accident.

Assuming we were accidently at fault I need to know the insurance would cover the other vehicle and injured persons if it came to be, appreciate anyone has knowledge or contacts of this?

Thank you.


Same answer as for your other question:

Kenny, welcome to Bali, and welcome to rule #1 when it comes to tamu driving here.  No matter what, if you are in an accident here it is automatically your fault.  Why?  Simple, if you weren't driving, the accident would have never happened.

Forget everything you know and are used to regarding automobile insurance, collision and liability and personal injury. 

The locals are not suckers for the game of automobile insurance.  In fact, about the only time they may have any auto insurance coverage is if they buy a brand new vehicle on credit, as the credit issuer will require collision insurance which will only cover the purchased vehicle.

If you are in an accident, you will be held financially responsible for any property damage as well as any medical expenses for injuries caused by your accident (again, which is automatically your fault).  God forbid the worst…a death, and you are on the hook for the cremation ceremony as well.

For many of us, all of these stark realities are the reason why we don't drive ourselves.

Thank you Ubudian,

Sorry for the double post, new to this site, and could figure to erase the other write, as I realized I wrote to much so minimized in a second post, but couldn't delet the first 😋

Thank you for the reply.

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