Surabaya - Jakarta Trip. Bus, Train or Airplane?

Hi, I am planning to take this first trip soon, and wondering which would be the most common sense way of travelling(if you take into account the cost and time of travelling to the airport, or bus/train station from home , comfort, price etc.).

1. Is there a direct train from Surabaya to Jakarta? And what's the return fare for 1st Class? Can you buy tickets in advance? Where?

2. seems to have  comprehensive info. on air fares.  What other sites get you better fares?

3. What is the night bus journey in the luxury bus like? How long does it take? Cost? How do I book?

Thanks for all your time in replying to this post.

Try using google for kereta api (railway) and go from there. For flights to Jakarta, Lion air, Garuda again look online. For Buses, yep, there is lots of information there as well.

Google makes it all a whole lot easier.

Thanks, but you don't expect everyone reinvent the wheel, do you?

There's nothing like first hand experience, shared with the rest of us.

It's not only fun sharing info, it's also beneficial to many, don't you think so?

Please, if you have done this trip, let us know how you did it!

What are the things that one should watch out for?

Britboy wrote:

Thanks, but you don't expect everyone reinvent the wheel, do you?

No, but google helps...a lot
I'll invent the wheel a little

There are trains and you can book. Short of messing on the internet, you could always wander to a train station.

A bus from Jakarta to Wonosobo takes 8 hours in good conditions.
You have a lot further to travel. I'd guess at less than Rp200,000 but it is a guess.


For Airplane it will take approx 40 mins flight from Surabaya Airport to Soekarno Hatta Jakarta Airport.
For train will take about 10 to 12 hrs.
So its depends on how long the time you have.

Price between train (1st class) and airplane are almost the same about 300 000 RP. Sometimes if you are lucky you will get airplane price cheaper than the train.
Bus ticket is about 200 000 RP. is the right one, i usually using their service too.

The luxury bus journey, it is a nice bus with restroom / toilet, the toilet is not so luxury but fine. For sure its more than 8hrs trip, it will be about 16hrs. seats are quite comfortable, it can be stretched and has a footrest as well as blankets and pillows.

Destination in jakarta would be 1 of your consideration too. Jakarta is a very busy and traffic city.
From airport you will find alot of city bus that can bring to the city or center or other part of jakarta.
Check the map where the bus terminal, train station and your destination. Bus terminals and train stations are in the center of city i think.

Hope it help. Have a nice trip.

From surabaya ,. you go to TURI station. asked for economy class train to Jakarta. it cost you around Rp 50 thousand. take day time journey, you see alot,  mingle with people and taste the variety of food from different region the train travelled.

To everyone who contributed to this thread, 'Thank you so much.' I am happy to see helpful people here and I am now ready to take the plunge!

new.hp wrote:

From surabaya ,. you go to TURI station. asked for economy class train to Jakarta. it cost you around Rp 50 thousand. take day time journey, you see alot,  mingle with people and taste the variety of food from different region the train travelled.

I often use the cheap trains into Jakarta but that's a 30 minute or less journey.
I have to be honest, it's because I'm too lazy to read the timetable so I just ask for the first train, whatever.
30 mins is intersting but 12 hours, not a good idea.

train 350000 rupiahs executive class from Pasar turi Station
2 schedules 8:10 AM n 8:10 PM name of train Argo Bromo Anggrek.
other train Gumarang same station 1 schedule around 16:00 ticket fares around 275000rupiahs for executive class but i forget with bussiness class must be lower i guess, other train is sembrani same price like gumarang but 1 schedule at 18:00.
you can get this ticket through indomaret store mostly they sell online ticket so you dont need to go to station before your departure.

flight so varian about the suggest get first flight time with lion air n book 1 or 2 weeks before so you will get more chance promo ticket. if you buy from their online website i think you will get difficult to pay from ATM coz you must have local bank cant use CC from aboard.

bus not recommended..coz mostly bus driver so crazy in the night..ok

Hi Britboy
Listen take it from me the best and most convenient is by plane. First Class train tickets cost more than a flight and it takes longer, and not to meantion it will be the cleanest. Check out the newspaper there are alwys airline deals to be had (Jawa Post).

Thank you Nalal for your advice. I agree. Sometimes as Nenty said, plane ticket is cheaper than train 1st class fare.

To everyone who contributed to this thread, thank you.  We are newbies in Town planning to go to Jakarta this weekend.  Thanks again.. U

Hi c,   i Think better for u trip with train, or airplane, some time airplane more cheap and  takes short time than train, i dnot suggest w bus :(


If you are going from Surabaya to Jakarta the most convenient way is by plane, you will save time and your energy.
In Indonesia busses and train their schedule mostly not on time (you cannot expected the schedule to run like in most European countries)
With flights you could expect they are on time (mostly on time...but sometimes they are delayed  :-/
If you need to buy flight tickets dont look on (what-ever the website you've mention)..look directly in:
1. lion air
2. sriwijaya air
3. batavia air
4. citilink garuda
5. garuda indonesian airways
6. air asia
7.mandala/tiger air

these are airlines that fly through most of Indoensian big cities and also from Indonesia to singapore/KL/Ho chi Minh City.
From all of these I would prefer Lion air because it has the most schedule per day. And you could make reservation by internet or call local number. You could reschedule or reroute. Compare the prices by looking directly to each of it's web site

If you need a hotel in most cities in Indonesia look for web site: 1001 . this company has a home base in Surabaya( but you need KITAS or Indonesian ID to book and the price is much much better then look in: raja (home base in Jakarta)
These 2 websites offer you hotels ranging from the cheapest hotel in town to 5 star hotels.
raja kamar offer you a better website with photos of the hotels room and facilities.
Both websites will give you much cheaper prices compare to published prices
Hopefully these tips will help you and Hope you have a pleasant trip to Jakarta