Pregnant in bahrain!! What are the consequences for unmarried couples?

Attested marriage certificate- no issues.

Hi. I would like to ask if you can file a case regarding to your bf that makes you pregnant. Cos he dont want to give any financial support he is bahraini. One person told me u can file a case against him, but im not sure cos some people they say if u got pregnant without marriage u will go in jail and be deported.

I think you better speak to a lawyer they will be able to guide you legally

My friend and u same situation, she was pregnant last year.can u contact me and I will tell u all the details.

HI same situation here

@bahraingal how

Hi.. i am 12weeks pregnant rn. I visited n OB recently and had my ultrasound in a private hospital. Upon ultrasound they found irreguralities from my baby heartbeat. So the OB refer me to go visit public hospiital. My problem is me and my boyfriend is not married and he is also going to be deported back to his home country bcoz of visa problem. Now I am afraid to go to that public hospital coz they might report me to police and go to jail. Like until now I still cannot sleep and eat well. Well I am already planning to go back to my country. But i have to give my resignation to my company first. What am I goin to do? Are they going to put me to prison bcoz I am not married?

Prison is at delivery time.  The law applies when you give birth out of wedlock.........not when you are pregnant.  So you can always leave and give birth in your home country.

@XTang thank you.. appreciate.. i feel relieve now..

@XTang some say when u are pregnant it will get detected at the Bahrain Airport and they will get you jail? Is it true? Specially now that im planning to go back to my home country.

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