Looking for advice on rental property in the Haute Savoie, thanks.

Hi all,

I'm keen to hear from any of you that have investment properties in the haute savoie, and how well you are able to rent them out.

Do you manage to rent out in the summer as well as winter season?

Who is your summer customer base, mountain bikers, hikers or both?

I've heard estate agents promising the earth in terms of how easy the rent ability of a property will be, but have also heard from casual letters, that they struggle to let as the market is flooded. It might be that these people have rubbish properties, not well kept etc...

I'd love to hear your experiences, thanks!


Hi Heather !

Real estate rental is variable in the area of "Hte-Savoie", as everywhere in france since the crisis begun.
Last months there was a new general set-back - at least a slow decline of prices.

But all of the question depends of which segment of the market you're talking about. I mean with some kind of properties prices are stable, with others it's a real drop and some may even rise up.

Instead of trying to "feel" yourself how is the market , asking people for advices I think you'd better have a try with official statistics delivred by CCI ( Chambre de Commerce International located in Fernay-Voltaire close to Geneva) ; or ask INSEE ( National Stat Sce called "Institut National de statistiques & études économiques"). Or, local association of owners on departement 74 - They probably all have a lot of info about your topic. And ... It's free !

Talking about locations and prices you'll understand quickly where to buy and where not to buy a property. Touristic zones such as suroundings of Mont-Blanc and valley around, are probably the best especially considering the fact they will provide occupation at least 4/6 months during winter and 3/4 during summer. At least... On other parts of area concerned it depends on which kind of occupation (and tenants) you are in search of. Are they tourists or whole year long term of tenancy ?

This will answer to your question " rent out in the summer as well as winter season ?"

Considering what you said about real estate agents - I have no sympathy with : I was a building surveyor previously - it's true but it's their job ! what are you expecting from a guy practising this kind of job ?

In France organisation, basic and historical culture of real estate is totally different than in anglo-saxon countries. Totally another world. There are a lot of "traps" and snaggs to be discovered before acquiring a property for sure . But there is no neutral profession who is in charge - officially - to give advice on a very general point of view - such as technical audit, valuation of the property, estimation of renovation works compared to compliance with rules, judiciary advice and contentious business and claims of all sort followings.

All things which are set in a frame of mission, with reports. And following missions can run one after one.
French don't have - curiously consedering the amount of an acquisition, - this practice at all,  about  real estate affairs. it's not the use. Even if it's really a lot of complex, specific , and diversified topics real estate in this country ! - You can trust me !- And making a synthesis about a property is a serious job.

The habit is to trust ... the agent who is selling a property ! no neutral advice.

So try to make that job ( about searching info on which kind of rental income provides this or this kind of property) with serious threads and links with other owners. Take a map , study the best locations, then go on the field visiting the full area, and let's build your own opinion.

Good luck , heather !

Thanks for that!

I will check out those places you mention as I want to gather as much facts as possible.

I'm just in the process of doing my homework into the French property market, in order to understand their processes and so on. Also, will be visiting lots of towns/villages in the Haute Savoie to get to know the area better.

best wishes

sorry I made a mistake on my typingtable,: probably you received a "shorten mail" so I begin again:

Thanks for reply Heather !

It's not an offer - a professional proposal of service I mean  : I don't have enough time left to work actually - but don't hesitate to send a mail if in need to understand "us et coutumes" (= "habbits" ...french old expression) of real estate in France. on special question.          Before I'll vanish & migrate to Norway !

As I told yu in previous post I had a wide multi-skill profile ( and large experiences, too) :
* I worked as a B.S ( Rics environment) some kind of a Chartered Surveyor. for several years.
* I followed best educational programs in Paris on legal studies ( all matters interested by real estate as I already said it especially all contentious matters and it's an important matter ! )-  previously I followed technical education programs too. And in all these matters I spent mor than a dozen years of concrete experience. Most of it was in logistics and offices buildings but also in rental or co-owner properties ... or private one.
* and before all of this I worked in insurance cies, then in townhalls ( one close to swiss boarder) - But also in cabinet-making and restoration of french high quality furnitures - and then as a foreman, and site building conductor . last : i practised green-building on private properties too.

Actually I'm giving advices to some persons - by mails only - in order to avoïd them to be confroncted to ... too many snaggs as they are beginning to renove a private property or expecting to buy one.

I know how difficult it is to understand this huge amount of knowledges. Just for a french it takes years of hard learnings just for one speciality - So for a foreigner ...?

God moron od ha det bra heather !
( = "spent a nice morning and take care of you, heather " ... in Bokmal = Norvegian language)

P.s : I thought about another source of info :
* Try to find some student or ancient student of ICH
( = " Institut de la Construction et l'Habitat") in annecy or Chambery (look at their association of ancient students on the net). some are following Chartered Surveyor educ program too (after ICH cursus). They are good . The best in this country. Those one DO have data basis to understand evolution of the market ( with maps, graphs, scaled statistics etc...) by segments . I know it , I am sure about that. Section concerned : "expertise" - there are other specialised sections such as "co-ownership and lettings" etc... options of the diploma.
* Second source : just try to contact (about statistics) the association of local real estate  agents ( Chambéry or Annecy) they surely have same kind of info. You'll have to insist to get info. Same Pb with the association of experts : they keep generally their info and sources jalously secret . But not always...
* Ask the "Chambre de commerce" too ( same, 2 towns). and what I mentioned further : CCI

I guess that's the largest "serious info sources" I am remembering about real estate, that are available.
There are others but as they are "private professional data basis" you won't have access to them, as a private person, to their ressources.

Good luck ! and ... good work !

Jean-Charles Foster-Ehlé

Suddenly I realised I didn't mention one of the best source of "expert info" about real estate in france.

Writing my previous posts I was worried about the feeling I was forgotting a "good source".

So, as I "recovered" my brain this source is probably the best of all :
a review ( bi-monthly one) which gives very good resumes and "day-to-day-following-and survey" on legal , laws, rules, a.s.o.  All about every subject on this environment.

The name is "Le Particulier" . Sometimes in kiosks. If not see on web. subscription is possible.
Cheap price ( a few €)  for a nice review. complete and very serious reference.

Of course and unfortunately ... it's available only ...in french.
But for people who really intend to buy a property - or, settle definitevely - and will have to learn and follow how is managed their real estate incomes, it's really the best source.
Of course, need to read and understand french a minimum.
Then, on specific aspects just ask around for some help.

Yes, well now I think I made a whole "tour" talking about real estate... good luck !

Hi heather !

Suddenly I worried about a "special topic" talking about an acquisition near Mont-Blanc.

I don't know if you heard about it and I don't know enough myself on this matter.to give any advice. it's just to warn you about this matter.

But be carefull : they are projects to enwide roads, and to limit number of cars ( and buses, and trains and trucks) driving through the valley, because of enviromental problems,
this is the result of bad tourists invasion phenomena ( and other transportation means) in the whole valley. ( air / heavy particules / too much traffic / etc...).

This will probably impact the value in the future of all the properties in the surroundings.
Well, if you are consedering value as "normally" it should be considered and analysed / studyed.

I wrote this just to warn you about this aspect of how to estimate the value of a property if sold again next 10 years. That's all ! just be carefull... don't trust people just on their "nice face & nice words".

Hi. I live in Annecy and have pretty nice house.
If you are looking for soemtihng to rent, maybe i can help you.


do you find your investment in haute savoie?
because i'm looking too .