How to find long term furnished apartment rental in Annecy

My family (husband and a 7 year old son) are moving to Annecy next summer, and are starting to look for a long term furnished rental (staying in Annecy only for a year on sabbatical )

Wondering what are bets ways to  find a furnished home. Do people usually get agents to help find a place, or are there good websites to find rentals on ?

Thanks for your advice in advance!

You will have to search for a "Meublé" wich means furnished. You should start looking for ads online without delay if you don't plan to visit Annecy before moving. If you don't speak french, an agent is probably your best bet.

Furnished properties are usually saved for short term so the offer is probably low. Major websites are Seloger , Leboncoin or

c.c. means all bills included

This is great. Thanks Atrium!
Do you know if there are any specific agencies that specialize in rentals, or any real estate agency can do it ?

I suppose there is no agency dedicated to rental properties as it's less profitable and Annecy is a relatively small city. Most agencies do rental and sales.

you could also try Airbnb for a few weeks to reckon different neighborhoods.

Also, don't expect french agencies to be as efficient and professional as in the US  ;)