Income in Austria

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to ask about the salary that has been offered to me to work for a company in Austria.

The NET salary is 29000 / year, which translates to about 2k per month with 13 and 14 salary a bit higher.

Is this a good salary for a software specialist ?

Its not bad

My only concern is that the rent will be around 1000E and I estimate groceries around 500 per month. If you factor in, house insurance, electricity and internet, car insurance, fuel and occasional night out, this leaves nothing to be saved up.

Is that €500 for a yourself or a family of how many?

I really would not bother having a car in Vienna. Vienna has a great public transport system and its very cheap to use. €365 a year to use the underground and buses (€1 a day) Even the trains in Austria are very cheep to use.

I will move to Tirol area and we're talking about me and my wife.

500€ for food? I hope that was a spelling error and you mean 50€, because that is, what a single person needs a month, if the company you work for offers food, you will not need 500€ a month, unless you insist on caviar and lobster.

Actually, in that 500 [per month] and it's included also cleaning items and cosmetics. Honestly I pay that much in my home country.

Don't imagine that I take luxury items but just regular, albeit good quality, items.

You do not pay 500 € for food, cosmetics and cleaning items in this country. And if you do, then you will have to rethink your lifestyle. Others in Austria live on a lot less, I would be glad, if made 2000€ a month, believe me. Me and my bf do not have that income all together and we still survive.

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