How to get a Divorce from an Albanian man? (Im English)

Does anyone no how to go about getting a divorce from and Albanian man (I'm English)
Who won't help at all or even contact me?

Hi, it's difficult to advise you based on so little information. For example one obvious question is where were you married, in England or Albania? In any event my advice is to seek professional guidance from an English Solicitor based in your home town in England. Good luck. Peter.

Was in Albania

I think you would have to first check if Albanian marriages are automatically registered in the UK, which I doubt. If not, then I don't believe you would need to do anything, unless you plan to get married again in Albania. I think it's his loss, since he's there, he would have to do the divorce to re-marry. This is based on my friends experience. He got married abroad, decided to divorce. The marriage wasn't automatically registered here, and neither did he go and register it, so he didn't bother with getting a divorce (as he wasn't considered married in the UK), and so let their ex worry about it, as they are forced to do it in order to get married in their country. His experience might not be relevant to yours. Maybe you can start with a trip to Citizens Advice Bureau and see what they say. And probably contact the Albanian embassy in London.

Hello Leanne webb,

I moved your post to the Albania forum where it seemed to be more adequate, judging by your searches.

Hope this helps,

I tried contacting the embassy in London but could never get through :(

Thank you

The Embassy in London never answers their phone! Try email or otherwise you may have to pay them a visit. I am in Tirana... I can try asking around for you if that's helpful?

If you married in a civic centre type place in Albania then the marriage is recognised in the UK.
You could go for a divorce if you are separated for more than 2 years, if you have no contact with him.
How long were you married for and what are the reasons for your divorce?

If its something he's likely to dispute I would wait for the 2 year separation period then he's automatically divorced.

I think this is right but probably best to check with a solicitor.

Has he just vanished?
Did he get a spouse visa?

It was in kukes we married and we've been separated for over 2 years now! He won't stay in contact with me!

Oh no, not good! However it may be in your favour. I think you can apply for a divorce on grounds of a 2 year separation and state that he isn't contactable and hasn't been compliant.

Did he get a spouse visa from this marriage? Is he still in Albania or in UK?

He got a visa and is living in the UK

Oh, Nice for him!
Was that his intention do you think or was it a genuine breakdown of a relationship?

I'm about to marry an Alb guy and have heard all the horror stories, sorry you are going through this.

With regards to the divorce I'm pretty sure if he's been gone for over 2 years its a simple process.
Did you inform Home Office that you have split up?

I don't no what to do tbh? I tried going to registry office but really ain't getting anywhere? All j wana do is get a divorce!
And I'm not sure! Sometimes I think it was for a visa other times I don't , we was together 5 years and I left him only cuz he was always or n I didn't trust him!

I've tried phoning the embassy's but no luck :( and I du I who to contact at the home office?

I guess it depends if u want to report it to them. But I guess anyone at home office marriage team would help.
It might hinder his chances of getting British citizenship etc if u tell them he's gone.
If u think he's used u for a visa then maybe u should but if not maybe leave it.
Did u have kids with him?

I don't care what happens to him! I don't have children with him! But I can't move on in my life eg marry my new partner as I'm scared ok get in trouble! Do u no how I can contact the home office marriage team?
I think we got his British citizenship :(  I've had rumours that he's married an Albanian woman x

He can't have married legally without divorcing u. But it's a familiar story.  Google home office and u should get a number. Or do u have any documents with his caseworker details from before. If he's already got British citizenship there's not much can happen. But u could get a message to him saying if he doesn't respond for divorce u will contact home office. He might get in touch then. At least u didn't have kids, one good thing x

What do u mean with his caseworker? His brother in law sorted him a solicitor or whoever there called when we was sorting out his visa!
And I don't have a copy of our marriage certificate as I ripped it up in an argument! He was meant to be getting me a copy which he never does!
And I've tried messaging him saying I'm contact .... But still no luck!

Hello Leanne,
Sorry to hear about your bad experience.I am albanian myself and strongly condemn this kind of behaivour from these kind of people who take advantages of naive female and then abuse them.Your case is clearly a case based on cheating and lies for a british visa.The guy married to you to use you as a bridge to his british dream and he got that. But I hope not for very long.
Since you do not have the marriage certificate as a prove of your marriage you will have only one option.
You have to go to kukes and get the copy from the department which issues them.Then you have to go to the court in albania and fill for divorce. You have to keep a low profile while you do these steps as he will not like it if he smell your moves.These kind of pigs are brave only with females and they are not shy to try to stop you.
Since you are british citizien you enjoy a lot of protection so try to contact the british consulate in albania first and explain your problem.
as long you are not divorce the pig you got married will enjoy his legal stay in UK..possibly he will be applying for british passport since 2 years has passed by since his marriage to you.After he get his british passport then he will not care anymore if you want the divorce or not.
Try to move fast and in silent.

Good luck

I stupidly helped him get the British passport so he's all fine to stay in UK :( all I want is a divorce! Do u have any contact info for the department in kukes? Please

Try this website:

I expect you'll next an Albanian speaker to help you.

By the way... There is an Albanian embassy in London. They may be worth trying to contact for advice.

Thank you, will I need to translate the emails into Albanian?

I don't know for sure, but I would expect so. You may be able to search google for translators who could help you... Or even on this forum! Good luck!


Unfortunately I can not help you as I have many years leaving far from Albania
All you need is to find an Albanian speaker who lives in Albania. But first call your British embassy in Tirana and go to the Albanian embassy in London.

Try to cherish yourself - everything happens for a reason. Plus be sure: he will not have an easy life either. His bad karma will catch up with him sooner or later..Maybe already he is in big trouble.

Sort out this mess and enjoy life but with open eyes and wiser actions

Thank you for all your help x

Hi there
Divorce in 3-4month if he agree
My experience the same but i managed to get agreement and 3yrs separate. If you are in London i can help to direct to good people.
Married in Albania with permission from UK
1) Notary certif he agree to divorce and he agree not to attend a court
2) Go to lawyer 450gbp to feel all forms but you and him must be separated for at least 2yrs and live in different addresses. Only ask to prepare form nothing else and supplay him with evidence. Talk less the other wise it will be expencieve
3) Put petition to the court 400gbp
4) wait from court 2month or less for decree niece or absolute
If he agree both sign with lawyer 3month and all done
If he not agree your choice is Albania only but prepare 1500 to 2500 to live eat and waiting time 2 weeks or make agreement with lawyer there. Just found someone trusted, Albania is safe do not worry but before again need trusted registered lawyer there only. Plenty on the internet and do not go to province. Tirana Durres very safe.

Fly to Albania
Found good lawyer/english speaking and trusted only 1500 GBP,  2weeks and you will have all. In Albania money talk not him or you.
Best wishes

How very true that money talks in Albania. U can buy yourself into and out of almost everything!
I'm getting married in durres next week, hopefully never to divorce 😁 I will hire a hit man instead! 😀😉

divorce him in court,live him for while,make request to be divorces,write reason,why they will give you time and you will divorce,also in Denmark lost people going when they want to be divorced/man/or woman,from anywhere in world,.try Denmark if you  don't have option,.

Hi to all,

I have some situation with ablanian man and I dont know what to do :( long story short, I am madly in love with albanian man for 8 years now, we have taff relatinship because he had arranged marriage and he got married and have now 5 year old kid with that woman. She is also albanian. Is it really so hard to get divorced if albanian man and woman wont to do this? Or is he fulling me around? They live in croatia, they live separatley in same haus but separate apartments. He tell me that his dad as a head of the family needs to decide if is it ok for him to get divorced and be with me. Is it realy goes that way with albanians? Can somebody please help me? I am realy desparate because I belive he is the love of my life and I wont to be with him more than anything but I dont want to be a somebodys full :(

Hi to all,

I have some situation with ablanian man and I dont know what to do :( long story short, I am madly in love with albanian man for 8 years now, we have taff relatinship because he had arranged marriage and he got married and have now 5 year old kid with that woman. She is also albanian. Is it really so hard to get divorced if albanian man and woman wont to do this? Or is he fulling me around? They live in croatia, they live separatley in same haus but separate apartments. He tell me that his dad as a head of the family needs to decide if is it ok for him to get divorced and be with me. Is it realy goes that way with albanians? Can somebody please help me? I am realy desparate because I belive he is the love of my life and I wont to be with him more than anything but I dont want to be a somebodys full :(

It is clearly the guy is fooling you. In albanian tradition there is never such things where you take perdition from the father to divorce your wife. He also still leaves with his wife even you are claiming they live in separate apartments.
You are being used as a spare part.
So use you mind and forget about your Hart.
Run away from this nonsense and start fresh with a person who will love and respect you for Real..

Dear Blusky,

Thank you for answer.. You are from albania, correct? I am souch a full :( I will do anything for him and cant imagine to be with some one else :( I belive he loves me but I dont why is he doing this to me? And tell me this stories? Is it possible to divorce in albania? Without any sirious concecvances?

Hi again
You can get a divorce from the same country you got the marriage certificate.  Do not worry. There will not be any consequences. Just find an albanian translator to help you with the process if you do not speak albanian.
Wish you the best of luck.
For further info you can email me privately.

Hi, don't know if you got any help so far but the Albanian Embassy here will not help you. I tried for about a year. I even rang the marriage registration office in Tirana with no joy. If you married in Albania the Home Office are not interested either as out of the EUROPEAN UNION. I was madly in love with the man I married it would seem that while he cared a great deal for me he did not feel the same way. I was his passport!!! He became very violent after we married and always had an excuse not to be seen out with me. We had 2 children who are now grown up and an absentee dad. His true allegiance lay with his family in Albania who he frequently sent money home to often leaving us with nothing. He played the field until I had enough and kicked him out but he still kept coming back wheedling his way round me until I kicked him out again. This went on for years until his violence became too much and he went  to prison.He would never divorce me and as hard as I tried to divorce him it was impossible until it suited him. He has 3 other children in Albania who he managed to get British passports for. Can you believe that?!!!! He is also a convicted criminal for drugs!! Now he wants a divorce so he can bring them here. He's seen them twice in 4 years!!!!! Well.. he can have it otherwise it would be impossible for me. On paper we have been married 26 years and now I can finally get rid of him. Get yourself a good solicitor and I wish you all the luck in the world. If he turns nasty that's his problem. I was so unlucky maybe there are some good one's out there but all of his friends were the same married anyone with right to stay for British passport and they have to be married 5 years before that can happen. They all send money home, live in poverty here while have mansions they built in Albania from their ill gotten gains. That's my rant over. If you separated more than 2 years you may be in luck but you have to have marriage certificate. I had to go to Greece to get a copy of mine!!!!

I stupidly got involved with an Albanian man whilst he was illegal in england. I fell in love with him and decided to help him with his visa. We were together for 1 year in england and he definitely had found the best woman to help him.
He went back to albania because the first application was rejected. We have been apart now for 7 months and I have stood by him with fierce loyalty . He recently found out it could take another year and a half.

Since then he has completely ignored me and been very cold.  Saying we should find another boyfriend and girlfriend and that we could just be friends. (Lucky me)
So I am stopping the application tomorrow.
It's been a tough lesson knowing you are not really loved. But at least I will be stopping it before he gets accepted into the UK.  He is now wanting a divorce. I couldn't care less he will have to sort everything out ha ha.

Hi, sorry to hear about your problems with an Albanian man. I think, however, you are doing the right thing  by stopping  the application. Unfortunately, been there done it and got the t-shirt. Stop the relationship while you're not too deep in it. I get that you are obviously upset but it's time to run for the hills exactly as he has. I'm not sure if you are married or not but if you are and I hope you got married here and not in Albania then you need to be separated for 2 years then you can divorce the "scrummy little man". I married an Albanian in 1991 and I'm still trying to divorce him!!! Hopefully in the next few months. We have children who grew up with an absent Dad, womanising, violence, prison you name it he's done it!! 3 other children with a woman in Albania who he can't marry and bring here until he divorces me (the children already have their British passports) that's the only reason he wants a divorce now. He has a mansion in Albania from money he has sent home one way or another form his ill-gotten gains.Good luck to them as long as he's out of my life. Please do all that you can to separate from him while you have the chance. For all you know he may have children in Albania too, they often do when they get together wth english women here, they want their cake and eat it. I know so many Albanian men in relationships with english women here who go home every now and then to Albania to the wife and children. Please don't let yourself continue to be one of those women. GET OUT now. Good Luck hope it all works out for you.

Thanks for your reply. You have been through such alot with you ex ! He has treated you so badly.  I was with my ex for 1 year in uk he lived with me and I really believed he was a kind man who loved me. He is only young 24 and I definitely would know if he has children. He hasn't.  We married in albania !!! No children. I'm not bothered about being stuck being married. I'm more happy that this is his problem now not mine. It will stop him marrying anyone else and will be a big pain to sort out.  It doesn't affect me.
I'm more worried he has claim to my house which I own. His name is not on it. We lived in rented house whilst he was here.
But I dont think I will see him again hopefully. Not unless albania get into the eu !!!! Don't know how that would work out.

Why are you about to marry an Albanian? Are you helping him get his visa?

you did not realize that Albanian man marry you only to get visa to enter uk,and his dream are realize,.he stay with you for the time that he get entry to country,only,.

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