Moving to Albania

Hi does anyone know if Philippines passport holder can visit Albania without visa. How can i live there permanently since me and mg boyfriend are planning to stay there for good btw hes Albanian. Pls help

you definitely need a visa, and it will only allow you to stay in Albania for certain time, as you are not married, but you would have to find out more details contacting the embassy.

Thanks for that though :) anyway im abit confuse becauss ive seen an article stating that Phil passport holder can no longer needs visa to come in Albania. But ya i must visit the embassy very soon to clarify. Hope i can get what i need because im no expert on this. Thanks for your time

There is so much information on the web but it would be for best if you contact them, hope they can give you the answer you want. I am sure you can also contact them via email to make it fast. All the best :-)

Ive been searching it on internet but i cannot get the exact information information unlike when you search for other countries. Anyways yes il definitely call or email them once we finally decide after three months. Thanks really for spending time to reply :)

hi ceressa,

any updates on your quest of going to albania without visa?

i am an albanian who wants to go to philipine but i am not sure if we need visa or not.

what did your research come to?



i have not contacted yet the embassy in Manila. maybe on mid September i'll visit the embassy or call them.
aw! good to hear that your planning to visit our country/ btw try to inquire to your nearest embassy with regards to that. thanks :)

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