Help to obtain divorce certificate from Albania

Hi, i got married in Albania back in 2007 to my bf who got previoysly depoerted from UK in order to bring him back, but we failed the immigration. Soon after he droped of the radar and i knew nothing about him up untill recent. I found out that he is re married since and has a child, lives in Klos. Could someone advise me on how to obtain divorce certificate from Albania as i have to deal with Home Office in UK and surely our marriage records and aplication will come up from the woodworks? I just want to be prepared in the case it does. Does him being married now means he has legaly divorced me. I tried to email embassy but they are unresponsive. Any advice here? Many thanx

Sorry my dear for what u have been going through. It is so bad of him to deceive you in such a shameful way!

Not highly unusual though. Sorry to hear this happened. I'm about to marry my alb bf in Albania, similar circumstances! Hopefully it is for real! Too many horror stories like this. Hope u get the divorce u need. Amazing how he's now married. Are u sure he wasn't already?
He could be married to both of u but he will be able to buy his way out of anything over there.
Good luck
Just out of interest why did u fail immigration?

Hello. I know your post is a few years ago but I just wondering how you got on with the divorce papers. I am in a similar situation as my ex Albanian husband is now with someone else and I need to find out if I am divorced.

I was replying to a post, I’m not divorced (yet!😂)

But I believe only way is to make contact with solicitor in albania.

Where was it that u married?

He likely isn’t divorced from u, and just “engaged” to other girl especially if she is albania too

I was married in a civil registry office in Vlore in 2016. 
If he does get married to his 'fiancee' then surely he will need to sort a divorce from me first ?
I basically just want to know when i'm divorced.  As far as i'm concerned its his problem to sort out.  Or do they allow bigamy in Albania?

He likely won’t legally marry, they get engaged which is our equivalent of marriage I guess.
It’s a big do and official but not “legally binding”

Ok thanks for the information.

Hope I can be of some help, your marriage to him is legal in Albania and it is up to him to sort out a divorce if he wants to be remarried.. as far as I can work out if you have not filed your marriage certificate with any other countries government then you are not legally married outside of Albania.

Thankyou so much for the information xx

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