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Bom dia,

My name is Anna and I have just moved to Cascais. I speak English, Polish and a little bit of Portuguese (which I am improving day by day). I have a degree in Finance and Accounting and I am searching for work in Cascais, Lisbon and nearby in the field of accountancy, administration as well as any other job that I could get experience. I am searching for work mostly on-line. If you know any agencies or companies that employ foreign people or any websites, please share with me. Also I would like to ask the other expatriates in Portugal how they have found work here.
I will appreciate any advice :)


High Ana

Just saw your message here in regarding work .  I had myself until recently   spent 30 yrs in the finance world as an economist and advisor to many business expats.   Now i run my own  very lucrative business from home  and in my own time .  It spans 8 countries  and has no competition in the industry  .   I dont know if you would be interested in working for yourself  rather than for others but if so i would be happy to send you some information .

Kind   regards

Pierre  Lavelle

Hi Anna,
Glad to know about you, i am working as an IT support system engineer in a company in Lisbon. well as far as i know there one company unit4 that is hiring relating ur field. you can check with that.


Hi Pierre,
Hope u're fine. Well, i am interested also in having something of my own. can you please assist in some information . ? would appreciate that.


If you are over 35, I have her that it's very difficult. People always tell me it's difficult to find work, but if you want to find work online, why not try some International companies and work from home?

correction: I have heard

Hi Annawala any luck in your search?

Hello Pierre,

Thank you for answer. I am searching more for work in companies though I am considering also working from home ( eg.project assistant).



Fortunately I am 24, I heard too that age here might be a problem.

Hi Annawla,
In that field companies are always searching for new people. For instance you could try apply for Delloit or KPMG in the accounting area or for SONAE, MEO in a more financial area. All of these companies have a form in their websites that you could fill in.
Best of luck


Thank you very much for some hints :) Fortunately I have found work in similar area, but it will be very useful for future.

Best regards!!

Hi azzmalik,
If you would like to send me your contact details I can call you first then send you an email with some details.
Kind regards PIERRE

Hi ANNA, if you're still looking to work from home then like myself this  is a very lucrative business to have and no competition. Kind regards PIERRE

Hi Pierre,

This is a rather old thread. Maybe you could drop an advert in the Jobs in Portugalsection of the website if you have a vacancy.

All the best,

hello all
i am just new on this site and want to move in Portugal ,i have experience in electrical,electronics/installation maintenance and repair.currently working as micro electronics technician in dubai UAE.can i find job there if i move in Portugal,cant you tell me in witch city i search that type of work

Lisbon and Porto are the main cities.
If you are looking for high tech companies , I sugest Lisbon and after Porto.
Maybe also Coimbra and Setubal.

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