Optometry business to purchase

Good day , please advise where i can search online for a optometry business to purchase in Lisbon area . Regards Leon

Perhaps go online, find some companies selling businesses in Lisbon and contact them as to your requirements.

I think it is better you find the location that you like then go  optometry store door to door and ask if they know of people who want to sell the business/store.

I have contacted 2 online business brokers the  one  wanted me to pay a registration  fee and the other just never came back to me with a reply ..

I think that is a option if i was living in Lisbon but currently , i live in South Africa and i was hoping to make the initial enquiries online before i make the emigration move mid 2020 ..

Almost all Optometrists are working on a optical store, attached to commerce of eyewear and lenses.
Very few work within a clinical environment.
First you will have to see your skills recognized, coz its a regulated profession

Then into franchising
https://www.comprarfranchising.com/fran … cla_titulo
as you know, luxotica has been acquiring companys all over the place , thus independent optometry cant acess premium brands.
You can also create your own store/concept.

IF you been in Portugal, you probably seen that huge retaillers as continente and jumbo have now optical stores.
if you see a business for sale, its probably going under...
Try to network with professionals..

Thank you Paulo , I will have a look at the links and appreciate your advice