African Hair Salon in Amman?

Hello I'm new also in amman would u please give me the phone number of that African women who braided ur hair ? Thanks in advance

Hy expat
I have a friend named rose she is an expat at africa hair n is fast so please if interested inbox me 😁

Hey am looking for box braids or any saloon that can make African hair.

Hey dear send me their numbers I really need to do my hair

CAN You send me these girls contact number please

Please I am interested. I would like to do my hair

Email me and I will give you my number

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I want an African or Sudanese lady to do cornrows for me tomorrow if u got anyone’s number please contact me it’s important

There is a lady by the name lisa she makes braids African hair in less than 60 jod she is really good she stays in Amma.

Please are you still in Amman I need my hair braided.

Yes there is a lady in amman who braids african hair called lisa her number is 0787100461

Thank you so much

Most welcome

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Where you at

What's your location

hi Aisha,
I am here in Amman. Are you still in Amman, and able to do braids on Afro textured hair?

hi, will she still be able to do braids?

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