Are you used to the dominican time?

I'm just talking about the way they use to say something like :

- The meeting is tomorrow at 8 am, but starts at 11am
- I'll be there in 10 minutes but the waiting time can easily become half a day

;) we have to admit that this is fun after all and you need to plan in advance that is going to be really like that...

Any fun experience to share related to this topic?

Cheers everyone!

You get used to it.  I just assume that everything is 1 hour late or more.  One day I will be fooled and something will start on time while I am an hour late, but has not happed yet :D

Remember manana here does not mean tomorrow just means not today with no reference to a future time.  If someone tells you he will do it manana he really means he is not doing it today.  If they say Monday then which Monday are they talking about.  Is it next Monday or 4 Mondays from now or the Monday after the blue moon??? :D

Bob K

In business it is exasperating at best.  My employees all understand American and Canadian time.  I do not accept Dominican time in business.

Personal life - well that is a whole other issue.  You never truly get used to it but you learn to manage it.  Friend got married - she told all her Dominican friends 5pm, told us 6pm then she showed up at 8:30 pm....... Good thing we had rum....

That's funny Bob & Planner :):) Thank you for sharing!

I know in business can be challenging, and when dealing with personal issues even harder :) but there is nothing you cannot accomplish with a positive mindset and patience.


Patience is an attribute that one must have an abundance of to survive here.

Bob K

Dominican time is part of the culture, it is part of the people, and I have seen it (in modified form) happening whenever we have social events with Dominicans in Canada.   It does not bother us - after >25 years... :D

Thanks Acadien!

Live is simple, it's just that we insist sometimes on making it complicated.. as someone said :)

Here on St Maarten we call it island time.  Patience is key!

Bonjour billandelaine :)

C'est très intéressant ça :)  Merci de partager avec nous et bienvenue chez le forum de la R.D.

Cheers !

Thank you for the welcome!  My French is limited, but I understood that!

Island time, Dominican time, Mexican time it is all the same.  Seems to be inbred in the culture.

Bob K

Unless it has to do with power, food, crime, or medical emergency, don't sweat it.  We have the rest of our lives to rectify the problem.  Si back, have another libation, or better yet, retire to la cama with your loved one .   Laugh, giggle & put some more love into your life!

Sometimes it is tough to accept the time issues.  See if it is cultural it does not turn on or off because it is "important", like medical care. It just is.

So in some cases, it is really important to have things on time.  And sometimes it is just the way it is - get over it.  OR you only surround yourself with those who understand why time is important to you.

Either way - you choose how you want to respond to it. I personally think I am here to learn patience cause this makes me