Getting the driver's license in Romania.

Hello everyone!

I am getting the driver's license in Oradea, Romania, but I have problems finding the material to study for the theory exam in english. Does anyone have any relevant experience or know where I could find this material? Thank you in advance :)

Have you asked the officers who work at the Driving License issuing institution?

Dunarii street, no 2

No, I haven't asked them. I will give them a call on Monday to ask. Thanks for the tip :)

hey. did yyou get any information on the material for the driving license in Romania?

No, I still have not found anything, but I will let you know once I do.

I got my Driver's Licence last year and the lady at the office didnt speak a word of English. She however was very helpful and patient.

Do you speak any romanian, or did you do the theory test in english?

I`m also living in Oradea and I can`t find any questions? Has someone found them?

You are all asking for something that does not exist. So listen up all ... there are NO ENGLISH materials in existence for taking the driving test here. Your options are: 1) Learn Romanian (you are in Romania after all) or, (2) use public transportation / cab / bull & cart, horseback, bicycle etc etc to haul yourselves from point A to point B.

Hi I was wondering what size photo you need for the romanian drivers license please!! Im in Australia and have to get my pictures taken here and verified before i take them to romania. So really need to know what size photo i need- Thank you!!

My employee wants to attend an intensive driving course in Translyvania in order to get his Romanian driving license.Is this possible? His mother tongue is hungarian but he doesn't speak romanian well but probably well enough to take his driving lessons. He wants to be able to drive in the UK on this licence.  I feel that the UK theory test could be very challenging if english is not your mother tongue - does anyone know of such an organisation that can help please? Thank you.

Patsy15 :

I feel that the UK theory test could be very challenging if english is not your mother tongue

It won't be any easier in Romania, if anything, it will be harder....anyways, search for a driving school in Targu Secuiesc or Targu Mures.  Hungarian is widely found there, so a solution can be found.  The exam is offered in Hungarian also.

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