Moving to mexico

Hi, I'm new to this but would really like some advice, I have a partner who lives in Mexico I met him in April, he's been to the uk and me back n forth there, he wants to come and live and work here but the uk laws are very strict, so we made a decision I would go and stay there for 6 months we are looking to get married there, then after a few months return here to the uk, I have my own home and a job, is it possible for us to get married there and then come back here and start a life? If this isn't possible I would sell up and move there, advice on what to do, what I need anything really I would be so grateful, I feel as if I'm not getting any help here in the uk kind regards

Whether or not you marry and are able to return to the UK(for papers I assume) is based on the UK requirements, you will l have to figure it out from that end. Visit, and then determine if Mexico is for you. It's not for everyone. Good Luck.

Thank you kindly for your response, would you have any idea what paperwork I would need to get married in Mexico? I've been there and totally fell in love with the place, but concerned with all the paperwork and job prospects

I don't; my husband and I married in Chicago, but considering much of Mexico relies on tourism I can' imagine it's too hard. Again something your partner could look into on his end. It is very difficult to make a living where I am, but not so much everywhere I have heard, again, Suerte, paz, Abby

Hello Darielle,

Congratulations on finding love! Before you actually get married, speak with an immigration attorney in your country to learn how the immigration laws work in terms of marriage. Depending on that you both can plan accordingly.  I think it is very important that you live in Mexico for a while first before you decide to get married and/or actually move there. After all, you will be uprooting your whole life! Although Mexico is a beautiful country, it is not for everyone. What part of Mexico will you be moving to? Good luck!!

Hi thank you for your reply, we have changed our plans my partner and I would love to move here I have my own home and a good job, our laws here are so strict, we are looking to get married in Mexico and move back to the uk and start a life here, but I don't know where to start we so want to be together we have been together a year and travelled back and forth now we just want to start a life together please can someone give me advice it's heartbreaking being apart kind regards x

Hi,I live in Mexico with my mexican gf for the last 3yrs.We just went to see a lawyer here about the marriage laws because I need to change my visa.1st I have to get my birth certificate stamped at a Mexican consulate in UK nearest to where I was born.Its called a aspositlla ,you need it stamped for the registry office in Mexico.You only need a tourist visa FMM .

Thank you for your advice, much appreciated just need to know what we have to do for him then to move back to the uk with me, can he? What papers do we need? Can he work if he comes back as my husband? These are the parts we don't know 😔 anyone's advice would be helpful, goverment and embassy here are so unhelpful

Sorry cant help you with info on him moving to UK.He will have to go to the British Embassy or consulate in Mexico and they will give him the info.I know how you feel,you get different answers from different consulates and from immigration here in Mexico,they simply dont the rules.

Thank you, yes this is so frustrating no one will help us or give us answers in lives in cancun but has to travel to Mexico City for all the info, just wish it was easy but it's not, thank you so much for your advice really means a lot 😊

There is a British Consulate in Cancun,they cant help him there?

Thank you I will get him to check this out but I'm sure he said he had to go to Mexico City to sort out visas, like I said so frustrating where no one will give us direct advice or help but thank you so much for your help😊

Yes maybe they only deal with visas in the embassy in Mexico City.The consulate in Cancun is probably to deal with british tourists,lost passports etc.

I would strongly advise you to visit Mexico first and to know some basic Spanish...