adopt a street dog?

Does anyone have experience in adopting a dog from one of the shelters or simply finding one on the street?

Maybe you could try ASPA our Occupy for Animals for more information? I saw those names at a Romanian friend on my Facebook.

yes, thank you. ASPA have a shelter, but there are some more in Bucharest. I was more curious about procedures here, prices etc. And in the case of finding a dog, (which I have a couple of times, but never brought him with me), how and where to legalize him, get a chip and costs for that etc. The easy parts I can do myself; a good bath with a strong schampoo and a few visits to the vet for shots and possible neutering.

It would be so nice if you would adopt a street dog.  There are so many unfortunate souls who are suffering in the state pounds, more like death camps...If you are serious about it I can put you in touch with various non governmental organizations who rescue and prepare these dogs for adoptions:  there are soooo many and so varied that you will have a lot of choices.  Please let me know. Raluca

Multumesc, Raluca.  pm

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