Urgent- obtaining electoral discharge certificate

Hi- I need some help.
My fiancé needs to get a passport, but apparently you need an electoral discharge or quitação eleitoral. The office in our city is closed now, and he says they won't work again until January.

I came across this link: [link under review]
But my fiancé says they aren't working this time of year, and it won't work.

Does anyone have any experience? Can an electoral discharge be obtained at that link, online, any time of year? I would think yes :/

Thanks for the help!!

In Brazil citizens are obligated to vote or justify to the Electoral Court why they failed to do so. If they do not vote in two consecutive elections they are subjected to a number of penalties and sanctions until they resolve their situation with the Court. This is why the Certidão de Quitação Eleitoral is necessary because one of the sanctions is a prohibition from obtaining a passport.

Since expats who are not naturalized as Brazilian citizens are prohibited by law from being involved in any way with the electoral process and politics in this country I have little information about the situation. There are two factors you might want to consider about the inability to obtain this document. First, we are in the process of having presidential elections at the end of this week so that might be the problem. The Courts may also be in their annual recess, if that's the case then nothing gets done.

Thanks for the reply. It's actually for my fiancé, who is a Brazilian citizen.
I wonder if the link works or there is some way to get the documentation year-round. There must be a way.

To me it looks like the links are down because of the election. There are certain laws that prevent citizens from regularizing their electoral situation so close to the elections in order to prevent electoral fraud. I'd suggest trying again next week after the first round of the election is over.

Thanks for the help.
So you agree, he must be able to get this certificate before January? Next week would be great!