Renting an apartment

Hello everyone,
My friend ALeksandra and I are moving to Vienna by the end of September and we are looking for a place to live. We are both from Serbia. Aleksandra is 22 yrs old and I am 24. We are starting our Master studies in Economics. If anyone has a place to live and is looking for 2 roommates, we would like to get in touch :) We are also looking for an apartment and if any student(or just young people) would like to live with us, let me know.  Cheers  :cool:

Hi BogdanRistic,

I invite you to please post an advert in the Flats for rent in Vienna section :)

Thank you


The easiest way to find a place to live is maybe to get in touch with people who are looking for a flatmate.
A WG (Sharing a flat/house) is also cheaper.
Here are some links that could help you:,wg.html

you can stay at my apartment free :)