Looking for Indians in Vienna

I am Dr.Lolly Pattnaik 39 years old female Ophthalmologist from India. I will be joining a fellowship programme at Rudolf Foundation Clinic, Department of Ophthalmology, Juchgasse 25, 1030 Wien for 3 months starting from 1st April 2012. need advice regarding accommodation at some safe and secure affordable apartment or Paying Guest in Vienna. As I have no idea about Vienna I would request you to plz help me in this aspect.
Thanking you

you can find apartments at jobwohnen.at

hi Dr. Patnaik,
I am Dr. Vishal Dedhia, VR surgeon and I hav also got ICO fellowship at Rudolf foundation from 1st april to 30th june 2012
email- vishalvishal2006@yahoo.com

Hi ,

I am also going to shift to vienna from 10-Jun.
Need some advice for accomodation near UN office.
If you have any info please do share.

Hi Neha,
I am currently stayin at Joseph lister gasse 1130
I l seee where the UN office is and may be let u know
my EMAIL- vishalvishal2006@yahoo.com

Thanks for the reply Dr. Vishal Dedhia.
My Email-Id is  neha24july@gmail.com
Please share if you get any info.

what sort of accomodation do u require- studio appart or a proper house kinda? and can u tell address of UN Office so it will be easy

hi all,
people who r coming to Vienna may know that its really hard to get good accommodation in Vienna,Vienna is really beautiful city and lots of site seen places,but if u think about good accommodation it will cost u 600 to 1000 euro and plus minimum 1000 deposit to 3000 deposit.
u may get apartment less than 500 euro but there condition must be worst than indiaŽs houses and apartments,I know my many frnds here in Vienna who r paying 400 to 500 euro and living in hell,so be alert....

Hello Dr. Lolly

I am Yogesh Dixit from Mumbai.

I recently joined Expat.com and you are the 1st indian i noticed.

You have mentioned that your fellowship will be starting form 1st April 2012 so i hope you have found a decent and safe place to stay.

But still thought of checking if you need any assistance.

Though i am new in Vienna my colleagues from here can definitely help.

Take care and be safe.


Hello Everybody
I am quite late to this post, but wanted to join you all.
I am Vivek from Mumbai. I came here in 01-July-12. I am staying in Mondsee, Near Salzburg.
Wondering if any Indians is staying near by place
Please contact me


Thank You

KR / Vivek

u still in vienna ?

I am Dr. Vijay 39 years old male from India. I will be joining a  program at MUW, Department of Dentistry Wien for 3 months starting from 6th March 2013.need advice regarding accommodation ataffordable price or Paying Guest in Vienna.I would request you to please help me in this aspect.
Thank you