Working From Home?

Hello, I'm writing to see if someone knows the answer to an important question for me. My girlfriend and I are planning on moving to Vienna in a year or so. By then I'll be internationally licensed for massage and physical therapy, and my girlfriend is a psychologist. We will buying a house when we move.
My question is if it is legal in Vienna to have one's office from one's home, both for massage and for psychology?
We want to know because we could save a lot of money by not needing to rent an office space.
Any information on this, or any information about working there with massage or psychology in general, would be greatly appreciated! :)

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Mr. Saturnwillows,
If your country is an EU member then you are allowed to work automatically. You may also open your business at home provided you could comply with their requirements.  You may also seek information from Austrian Embassy in Bucharest. I am not an expert to this, but at least a little information to your questions, Thanks to you

Recommend to review requirements for Romania and Bulgaria nationals, for whom university degrees were required to work in another EU countries. There were discussions to lift the same, but I am not sure where this stands right now.

As relates to the place of work, one room in your house can be your office. I have never heard about the requirement to lease an office somewhere else. Only thing to do is to register your business. If you use one room completely for your business you can apply the relative cost for room space, electricity etc. as expenses for your taxes.

I'm a Malaysian, would like to rent an apartment/studio/flat in Vienna for 3 months for vacation. I have an online business which I do at the comfort of my home, in Malaysia. During my 3 months stays in Vienna, I still need to attend to my Malaysian clients, online, from home/anywhere (no office needed), thus, I will need a very good internet access in my unit. My question: Is that allowed? Do I need any licence/permit for online business, even though I don't have any office?