Moving from India(Mumbai) to Vienna

I am from Lucknow,India.
I am going to stay in Vienna from 10-Jun-2012.
I am looking for some accomodation in Vienna near UN office.
It will be great help , if you share some info regarding some apartment. I can stay on sharing also.

- What are places near to UN Office(district 22) where I can search for apartment?
- how much is the total expenses (rent , food, travel) for a month over here?
-Query for Indians -Anything specific should I carry from India like spices or anything ?

Hello Neha

For how long do you intend to stay in Vienna and what kind of accommodation are you looking for?

Take care and be safe



I noticed you mentioned for a months.

I travel to Schneider Electric Power Drives which is close to the UN office from Sieveringerstra▀e 4, 19. D÷bling.

It takes me max 30 mins and best part is its hassle free.

Do let me know if you are still looking for accommodation .

If your are still looking for accommodation i would suggest you check out Derag Livinghotel Kaiser Franz 4* in Sieveringerstra▀e.

They have apartment rooms with small kitchen :)

Take care and be safe


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