Moving from India(Mumbai) to Vienna

I am from Lucknow,India.
I am going to stay in Vienna from 10-Jun-2012.
I am looking for some accomodation in Vienna near UN office.
It will be great help , if you share some info regarding some apartment. I can stay on sharing also.

- What are places near to UN Office(district 22) where I can search for apartment?
- how much is the total expenses (rent , food, travel) for a month over here?
-Query for Indians -Anything specific should I carry from India like spices or anything ?

Hello Neha

For how long do you intend to stay in Vienna and what kind of accommodation are you looking for?

Take care and be safe



I noticed you mentioned for a months.

I travel to Schneider Electric Power Drives which is close to the UN office from Sieveringerstraße 4, 19. Döbling.

It takes me max 30 mins and best part is its hassle free.

Do let me know if you are still looking for accommodation .

If your are still looking for accommodation i would suggest you check out Derag Livinghotel Kaiser Franz 4* in Sieveringerstraße.

They have apartment rooms with small kitchen :)

Take care and be safe