Accommodation hunting begins


Good day. I just accepted an job offer from a company based in Vienna. I lived in Rome, Italy for more than a year, so I am familiar with Europe, but I've been to Austria only once (during my personal appearance interview) and speak no German.
My working permit is still on progress status and hopefully it will be ready sooner than expected. I might start working on February 2013 so I am planning to arrive in the city a week prior to my starting date.
In this regard, I would like to inquire to everyone if you know any apartment (flat/studio) for rent for my accommodation even if it is temporary. Getting an apartment is the biggest challenge for me specifically doing it through internet.

I'll be working at Döblergasse 1070, Wien, Austria so I would like to live somewhere with good access to it.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated!


Hi zands, have you tried to post an advert in the section Housing in Vienna? It may help.;)


Yes I did. Here is te link, … ional.html