Need advice with Startup Idea..

It seems there are hardly any expat small buisness owners in this city..i'm trying to get advice about finding a buisness space but the maklers are useless and i've not been able to find anything on my own.

I'm basically looking to start a bar but whats impossible about it is that you cannot find a buisness space that will allaw you to play music for the simple fact that 99% of buisness are below a residentail dwelling so the cops will come knocking if you play music after 10pm..that's the basic problem in a nutshell..

no i cannot afford a big joint, nor soundproofing cost, and  basement bar seems impossible to find as well.


Hello Zero2Hero.

You should post an advert in the housing in Vienna section (Professional spaces). It can help. :)

Good luck in your project,