should i take up this job in cork of salary 110,895 ?

i got this offer from a university in cork for the post of a lecturer. i am 33 yr old married man. my family consists of wife and 5 year old son.  will this salary of 110,895 be sufficient for living with family in cork? or i could save only if i leave my wife and son in india to cut down expenses?

thank you.

Hi drfuzz - it really depends on the kind of lifestyle you wish to lead. That is a good salary and many Irish families would be living on less so in short it's very doable. It might be best to work out your take home pay after tax to start with. Sites such as outline the various taxes etc. I'm also sure the payroll section of the University might be able to give you an indicative figure. Then look at rental costs at sites such as Then it down to the usual everyday costs - transport, food, utilities etc.


thank you. your reply is appreciable

Cork is less expensive than Dublin.
That is a great salary!
Do not think twice!

thank u catia. i am not able to understand the tax cutting as given on citizens information site. vill i be losing 41% salary in tax? if this is teh case then i vill b getting 5000 euros per month approx. is this salary sufficient to live in cork vith family i.e. vife and 2 children (1 child in school)?

Yes, a family of 3 would have very little trouble living off anything above 40,000 per year in Cork. I would jump at this opportunity. The schools for kids in cork are great too.

Go for it!

What is the university doing about your work visa? Too many times these job offers appear, but then the employee is expected to start paying for paperwork visas etc.

So what's the catch? Why can't an Irish person fill this position?

As I know food is cheap, rent is average, electricity is expensive. Cars are average but insurance is expensive. 2 euros for bus.

with 2300 you can survive, more is for other expenses as you know better.

Sorry fo being useless ,I just want to know how you applied for a job there I have been trying with no success, hopefully you get some fellows that can as well help you get answers..thanx

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